Obama Plans to Make Guantanamo Prison Permanent


Mentioning the US to people around the world brings up many facts known to many of them: 4% of world population consuming 25% of world resources, having 25% of world prison population, being responsible for the vast majority of wars since WWII and the largest number of people killed as a result, spending more on military than the next 13 big spenders combined, the only nation with military bases all over the world, the only nation operating secret prisons inside other countries, the most sophisticated and expansive system of eavesdropping and wiretapping and spying on their own citizens, having 3.5 million homeless and about 8.5 million vacant homes, a CEO making 500 and even a thousand times as much as most workers, highest level of poverty and malnutrition and infant mortality among industrialized nations, the only industrialized nation with millions of people who are either uninsured or can’t use their health insurance due to high costs, and the only nation among those who signed the Geneva Conventions after WWII to completely disregard and ignore them, along with many other international laws.

But, wait, Obama is trying to improve on all that. Four years after he promised to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, his Administration is going to spend close to $200 million to expand and renovate it and make it a permanent prison. While to Bush it was supposed to be a temporary solution (more like abuse), to Obama, it’s worth making permanent. General John F. Kelly, who leads the United States military’s Southern Command, testified in a congressional hearing Wednesday that with no end to the prison’s operation in sight, repairs and upgrades are needed (Reported by mail online). Times reported the plan included two new barracks – all this on Cuban soil, as if it’s the US’.

And it seems to bother none of the politicians in either Party that there are men being held indefinitely that are innocent and some who given a chance in court could be found innocent, even if we regard their detention legitimate to begin with which is not and even if we disregard the Geneva Conventions that prohibit such indefinite imprisonment and treatment of enemy fighters. Putting aside all legality, this is against any sense of morality and human decency, not to mention – which is usually forgotten and not mentioned – the fact that it’s all done on Cuban soil against the will of the Cuban government and people.

It’s not that there are no good, caring and just people who could be leaders here. It’s just that the corporations and the 1% who own them are far too strong and control all policies and even the groupthink and culture, through the myriad governmental and private organs and institutions, including all three branches of the government and the media which they own, and rule through the two corporate parties, at the exclusion of any other.

And when you mention these things to liberals, many of them reply with an insulted sense of nationalism that “we’re not the only ones who do bad things or that have problems” or something like: “there are good things about us too” or that Obama tries to improve things, but the Republicans won’t let him. Their reaction is understandable because they equate themselves with the corporations and the ruling class of billionaires. What we must understand is that all these injustices, abuses, acts of terror and purveyance of violence and violations of laws and human rights are related and have the same source.

Retired Air force col. Morris Davis said about the plan to make Guantanamo camp permanent: “… a lot of our prestige is going down the tubes”. That’s because photos of Guantanamo prisoners in shackles keep showing up on the Internet, so make it a regular and permanent prison with walls all around, on another nation’s grounds, without their consent, and kidnap citizens of other nations and keep them there indefinitely because an empire knows no bounds: no borders, no sovereignty and no limit to injustice, indecency and hubris.


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