Obama in Occupied Palestine

Obama in Israel

All major news organizations reported and commented on Obama’s trip to occupied Palestine. MSNBC proudly raved about history being made and reminded the audience that no president has done as much for or has been as steadfast a supporter of Israel as this president which the occupiers acknowledged by awarding him their highest honor any civilian can receive – a first for any US president. London’s Guardian which does some fine and accurate reporting on many issues, especially those written by Glen Greenwald, wrote: “Barack Obama visits Israel in effort to boost relations with Netanyahu”. With this title, The Guardian thus reminded us that when it comes to occupied Palestine, it, too, like so many others, gets it wrong.

The leader of world imperialism doesn’t need to boost relations with their own henchmen and attack dogs whom they fund and arm to its teeth and keep on a leash and on the ready to attack and maul any nation or people that might get in the way of imperialism in its pursuit of world domination and profits for its corporations. The relation is not that of any two nations that might need boosting. The colonial settler state created and maintained on land forcibly confiscated from the nation of Palestine and the continued occupation and dislocation of its people has been made possible by the US and could not have continued to this day without its main benefactor and sponsor who made it its own project to keep and use for its own ends at all costs. That’s not a relation needing a boost. And Obama certainly doesn’t need to go meet the so-called Prime Minister of the occupation. In fact, many US presidents never felt the need to visit Israel. Nor was the visit about boosting the relations between the two men. The US-Israeli relations is not about these two men or any other two men or women. The relation between the Empire and its most important client state is far deeper than the relations between the two leaders.

Such visits rather are made for more more meaningful reasons than improving relations between two men. One is to dictate Empire’s orders to the occupying forces, such as what role Israel will play in toppling the regime in Syria, for example. It was no coincidence that three years after massacring Turkish activists on a flotilla beaded to Gaza to take food and medicine to besieged people of Gaza, Netanyahu only now calls the Turkish Prime Minister to apologize. Empire’s servants need to be kept from going at each other. Their cooperation is needed to finish the job in Syria, not to mention Iran. A second reason for the trip is to promise a raise for their continued and unwavering services for imperialism, as well as more military commitments and cooperation.

And, last but not least, the trip was made to pretend – both to the American public and to the rest of the world – that they’re sensitive towards and understanding of the needs, wishes and aspirations of the  Palestinian people whose resilience and heroic struggle has frustrated imperialists’ best efforts at making them go away and leave their ancestral land to pro-imperialist occupiers so they can police the oil rich region for them. The continued struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination has kept the issue of occupation and ethnic cleansing alive in the consciousness of much of the world and especially among the people of the Middle East and North Africa and threatens to discredit the Empire, despite millions of dollars it spends every year on disinformation and propaganda, otherwise known as public relations.

The talk of “two states for two peoples” which itself is a sham and a fraud and advertised falsely as the solution to the “conflict” (what conflict? There is no conflict; there’s just a brutal and murderous occupation) has been forced on them by the continued intifada. Their purpose is to sound reasonable and just while continuing the occupation, ethnic cleansing and genocide, all approved and paid for by US imperialism. Obama hypocritically says something about settlements being wrong, but continues to give billions to Israel without a single condition and blocks any effort by Palestinians to gain statehood through the UN which also prevents them to take Israel to International Court for the occupation and violations of UN resolutions, and vetoes any new resolution that would condemn blatant land grabs, dislocations, the siege, the “targeted killings”, the bombardments of defenseless people, etc.

As I’ve said many times in my writings, the notion – which unfortunately is widespread – that Israel dictates and imposes its wishes on the US is totally false. The truth is just the opposite. Israel plays the role of a henchman, a hit man, an attack dog or police, a big and reliable military base, and even a totally militarized 51st state smack in the middle of the restive and oil rich Arab World. Just look at who pays whom for services rendered and whose corporations and billionaires benefit the most and who paves the way for whom so they can topple regimes and dominate, rule over and plunder world resources and enslave cheap labor and ultimately face the Chinese and Russians.

The rise of the Arab Spring has clearly caused a setback and consternation for imperialism. It has served to raise the consciousness and political awareness of the people of the region and has threatened to push US puppets out of power, weakening the imperialist hold on these countries. The response of imperialism has been to go after their opponents with more determination and fierceness than ever before. They already toppled the regime in Libya, are trying to do the same in Syria with the help of reactionary Islamists and Al Qaeda sympathizers gathered from several countries from Saudi Arabia to Libya and Iraq to Lebanon, armed by the CIA and funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, as well as, Turkey and Israel, who once again have found themselves on the same side; which as I mentioned can explain Netanyahu’s apology three years after the incident.

Obama is also setting the groundwork to attack Iran. The sanctions are nothing but an effort to weaken and bankrupt the regime to make it easier to overthrow when they decide it’s time. Meanwhile, they continue to aid and arm despotic monarchies in Yemen and Bahrain and prevent the revolutions to proceed and achieve democracy and freedom.

To counterbalance these aggressive moves in Muslim countries, they see the need to improve their public image in the Muslim World where suspicion and resentment towards the US is at an all-time high. That’s why they’re talking about “two states”, now.

But, there is a big difference between words and deeds. Words are uttered into a microphone and the resulting sound waves fizzle out into the air soon after they’re spoken. Deeds, on the other hand, cause attack helicopters, fighter jets and cluster and phosphorous bombs and billions of dollars to be sent over to aid the occupation and continue the settlements and the killings, despite those nice sounding words. It’s deeds that matter when vetoing at the UN, or when others are pressured and blackmailed to vote with them (and still the US stands all alone with Israel aside from one or two tiny island “countries” near US coast that are nations only in name, nations that are as independent from the US as a 3 year old is from her mother).

But, even Obama’s disingenuous gesture and the lame attempt to seem fair towards the Palestinians is ludicrous, not just because of all that he does for Israeli occupation forces, not only because he defends Israel when they bomb heavily populated Gaza where people have no way of defending themselves and then right after that attack goes ahead and increases financial and military aid to the aggressor, but also because he decides who the Palestinians’ leader is. Obama meeting with Mahmoud Abbas makes as much sense as the leader of some nation coming to meet the US President, but instead of meeting with Obama, going and meeting with Romney instead because he doesn’t recognize Americans’ choice for president.

And as for the “two states for two peoples” garbage, that’s just another fraud they’re trying on people. The fact is two states still means keeping most of Palestine under occupation, giving it the name of a state without any of the requirements for a free, independent and viable state, without even as much as a contiguous territory, still keeping the wall and the check points, still controlling the borders, the airspace and water, still making Palestinians who end up on the “wrong” side of the wall second class citizens in their own ancestral lands and giving preference to Jews over others, and still preventing millions of Palestinian refugees from going back to their homes. While such a phony and sham “state” would not even remotely meet the just aspirations of the Palestinian people for self-determination, it would give ammunition to Zionists and their imperialist backers to vilify and demonize and attack and kill Palestinians more than before since they will rightly continue their struggle for complete liberation which means a democratic and secular Palestine with equal rights for all, regardless of religion, race or ethnic background, without a wall and with the right of return for all refugees.

The truth of the matter is US imperialism can never be a fair and honest broker and any offer it makes will be for its own imperial and hegemonic interests and objectives with the ultimate goal of domination over and plunder of the world. Such goals have nothing to do with justice or peace and are in fact contradictory to them. And we should not expect anything different: Obama is just another lying scum of a politician serving the interests of giant multinational corporations and the super wealthy 1% who own them.


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