I Want To Know

Here we are once again, like so many times before. Israeli occupation forces detain, jail, torture and kill Palestinians, including their journalists and elected officials and even boys as young as 13 years old against the cries and pleading of their mothers, and Palestinian youth watch their mothers cry and their fathers dragged to jail and they start throwing rocks at the occupation soldiers and their armored vehicles, and Israeli soldiers shoot and kill and injure some more Palestinians until they have had enough and fire some rockets that scare some Israeli settlers who recently arrived there from Brookline, New York and Los Angeles, California and Europe and Russia to live in peace in houses built for them on land grabbed from Palestinians after their ancestral homes were demolished using US-made Caterpillars because those settlers are of the right ethnic background or religion and God has given them the right to go live there. So the occupation forces go on killing and injuring some more Palestinians and Obama condemns them and says Israel has the right to defend itself and New York Times and CNN repeat that and the American people go on with their shopping.

When, just when, I want to know, occupying a nation and jailing and killing them became okay and acceptable? what happened to you? Who did this to you? Why won’t you wake up?

Tanks and soldiers and armored vehicles on the streets, breaking down doors and taking young men away and shooting at rock throwing young boys and jailing and torturing and targeted killings and occasional bombings and cutting off food and water and check points and more check points because one’s religion or ethnicity can determine their rights and what they’re entitled to!! Is this okay with you people? I really want to know!!


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