Nothing But A Common Criminal

20130223-080026.jpgThere are many things about the current US Administration that should make one wake up and realize he or she has been fooled and has been supporting the wrong people: keeping a kill list, assassinations, non-stop drone attacks which kill and maim innocent people including children in multiple countries, devastating and criminal sanctions on the Iranian people which hit the poor, the elderly and children the hardest, secrecy and total disdain for transparency and accountability, passing draconian laws that take away civil liberties of the American people, keeping prisoners of war in Guantanamo Bay indefinitely, in inhuman conditions and in violation of Geneva Conventions, continued aid – financial and military – and unconditional support for the apartheid state of Israel, even while they were bombing the defenseless population of Gaza which qualified it as an act of Genocide and crime against humanity, arming terrorists in Libya and Syria who associate and work with Al Qaeda, bombing raids in Libya including on heavily populated urban areas to accomplish regime change, having the CIA kidnap individuals of different nationalities and fly them to secret prisons in Eastern Europe for interrogation and torture just as criminal thugs of Mafia would do, giving cabinet posts to criminal and parasitic Mafia bosses of Monsanto and Goldman Sachs, continuing and escalating the criminal war in Afghanistan, coordinating and directing the vicious attacks of police departments all over the country against the Occupy movement of 2011, warrantless wiretaps and eavesdropping, committing to a war without Congressional approval despite the explicit requirement spelled out in US Constitution and many others.

Aside from all these egregious violations of both US and international laws, disregard for human rights, violence, and acts of terror worthy of dragging their asses in front of the international Criminal Court in The Hague, one of the most vile, despicable and cowardly acts of this criminal Administration is also how they have been treating the whistle blowers. Bradley Manning, whose only crime was to make public the filthy and Mob-like actions of these common criminals, has been in jail for one thousand days, without trial. And they have been pressuring the British government which they own like you’d own your poodle to stand guard at Ecuador’s Embassy until they capture Julian Assange so they can eventually get their bloody hands – and I really mean bloody – on him because he dared expose the truth about and embarrass the Empire.

Mr. Obama, soon will come the day when the American people, too, will think of you as nothing but a Mafia thug, a psychopathic mass murderer and a common criminal, just as the vast majority of the people in Middle East and Asia think of you, now. Shame on you for your slave-like servitude towards your white supremacist bosses and their monstrous Empire which uses you to kill poor brown and black people overseas and pacify and fool your own people at home, while they remain poverty stricken and fill the prisons of this military-finance-prison complex. The billionaire bosses have found in you exactly what they needed and wanted: a man with no principles or integrity, an empty shell they could program, a man who would sell his own mother to the highest bidder, at the drop of a hat. You are the “house negro” who would fetch the whip for the master to whip your brother. Shame on you, Sir.

Long live the spirit of Malcolm and Dr. King. Long live the solidarity and unity of all oppressed peoples in their struggle against oppressors, exploiters and Empire and its sworn servants. Together, we will build a better, more humane and peaceful world for all humanity, regardless of one’s color or nationality or if there is oil under their feet. I still “have a dream”!


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