UN Human Rights Investigator Wants Syria Referred To The Hague


Carla del Ponte, a United Nations human rights investigator, said in Geneva today, which New York Times quoted, that the United Nations Security Council should refer Syria to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to prosecute those responsible for “war crimes and other abuses committed in nearly two years of conflict”.

“Now, really, it’s time — it’s time,” Ms. del Ponte said. “We are pressuring the international community to act because it’s time to act.”

Now, it is true that the Assad regime began cracking down on the opposition to his government, as soon as the civil war began, but, it’s also true that the US, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and their allies started arming the opposition to overthrow the regime militarily, from the outset. Pro-US “rebels” have been vetted and given heavy weaponry, money and intelligence by the CIA to ensure the regime change takes place on their terms and that which replaces it is to their liking. If the Assad government is one side of the civil war, the US and its allies are the other side who pursue regime change. This is what they did in Libya. They used select anti-regime “rebels” to overthrow the regime, militarily. I’m for a popular pro-democracy movement to end the dictatorship, but, not a civil war aided and imposed from outside for the benefit of those foreign governments.

In Bahrain and Yemen which Ms. del Ponte and others like her in European Union don’t mention and don’t suggest referring their dictators to the International Criminal Court, US armed and supported monarchies have been killing and jailing protesters since even before the conflict in Syria began. So, why the double standard?

If the United Nations Security Council wants to refer Assad and members of his government to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, fine; I have no objection. But, there are three things that need to happen, first:

First, Ms. del Ponte should return the money she received from the CIA. Second, Obama should be referred to the Court for killing innocent civilians including children in several countries, especially in Pakistan, for aiding and abetting Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people, for war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq (along with Bush, Cheney and the rest of that Administration), and siding with dictators, as they kill their people in other countries. And, third, those monarchies in Bahrain and Yemen and others like them should be referred to the Court. Then, sure, Assad government can be next.


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