The Racist Thugs of The LAPD


It is quote plausible that LAPD fired Christopher Dorner for reporting that his instructing officer kicked a mentally ill man, as he had written in his report, violating the tradition of covering up and contradicting his superior. LAPD officers have a long history of brutality, racism, planting evidence, false arrests and reports, unjustified shootings and coverups. They, as with most others like them in the US, are a bunch of out of control, power hungry, racist and violent thugs and a menace to society, especially to the working class and minorities. While searching for Dorner, they shot at several vehicles, running some of them off the road and injuring at least two newspaper delivery women. They and Sheriff’s deputies held high power rifles and machine guns to the heads of drivers and their families as they drove on roads being searched by the deputies. And in the end, they burned down the cabin where they thought their suspect had taken refuge. Years ago when they confronted a bank robber in the streets of LA, they shot him multiple times wounding him, and as he was bleeding to death, they stopped an ambulance that had come to attend to him, and stood around for hours until he bled to death.

They immediately start shooting at vehicles that fail to stop at their commands even if the driver is confused, scared or didn’t understand their command. They shoot at teenage boys especially blacks and Latinos running away from them in the back. Once they catch a suspect, they start beating him up even after they have put cuffs on the wrists, especially if they know no one is taping them and especially if the subject is black or Latino. Once they shot and killed a 17 year old black girl who refused to get out of her car when they ordered her to. She was having an epilepsy attack at that time.

Police departments are a part of the government and a reflection of its nature. They are its representatives on the streets where ordinary people are. Their conduct and racism is not separate from the government that hires and trains them. During the Occupy protests, city governments were coordinating their attacks on protesters with the White House, the Justice Department and Homeland Security. Even the CIA got involved in monitoring protesters in New York.

During the search for Dorner, many people expressed support for him because he was targeting the police rather than random people he came across. That sentiment is not surprising given the history of LAPD. So much was the anger of the people of LA towards the racist and brutal thugs of the LAPD that during the riots of 1992, in the aftermath of Rodney King beating, they burned over 3000 buildings to ground. Not one police officer could be seen on the streets during the riots as they went hiding in their barracks.

But all the brutality unleashed against the US working class is nothing compared to all the brutality and violence the US government subjects poor people of other nations to, whether through dictatorships they support or directly with their drones or through devastating bombing raids and wars so as to maintain their vile, inhuman and brutal rule over them and their resources for the benefit of US corporations. The real “sleeping giant” are the people in the millions here and overseas who will stand up in unison and in solidarity with one another against this dangerous enemy of all humanity of all time.


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