Endless Killings With Drones

The legal argument put forth by Administration lawyers that supposedly explains Obama’s continued drone attacks says: “The condition that an operational leader present an ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future”.

In a traditional war, sad as it is to use the word “traditional” and “war” next to each other, you can eventually conclude the costs are too high to continue to maintain the troops and their supplies, weapons and logistics, far from home, in other people’s backyard and living rooms, or that through time, too many of the troops are dying with not much to show for, and decide it’s time to bring them home, despite the wish of many politicians who, not to be outdone by Dr. Martin Luther King, have their own “dream” to follow: the dream of an “endless war”, just as Dr. King whose tone and manner of speaking Obama tries to imitate when he wants to sound prophetic and dramatic, would have advocated. Of course.

But, not so with a war with drones. The grounds for continuing such a “risk-free” unmanned war – legal and moral – are that there continue to be individuals, in their own countries, who might be deemed by the CIA to have the desire or intention or thought of attacking the US, or its “interests” (whatever that means), without the nuisance and trouble of producing such evidence that they indeed might be trying (or wishing?), in their own homes, to commit hostile acts against the Empire. Not surprisingly, as long as the reason for such continued attacks has been reduced to that there be individuals who have “recently” shown proclivity to somehow strike back at the Empire – including those who “recently” have lost children or relatives in drone attacks – the “cheap” and “risk-free” war can continue to kill and incite more people to want to retaliate and then kill them too and on and on.

With the traditional reasons for eventually ending such wars gone, and with the justification reduced to an absurd and infantile “Legal” excuse which basically says “we do because we can”, the Empire has been relieved of the reasons for ending them. This is the true face of the “endless wars” promised by our politicians and implemented by our Dr. King imitating, Nobel Peace Prize wielding man in the White House. This is the face of imperial hubris at its worst and epitome of “might makes right” attitude on display for all to see.


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