The Hunt For Christopher Dorner


Thousands, yes thousands, of racist LAPD thugs, who only differ from Ku Klux Klan members in the absence of white sheets over their hate-filled faces, have been hunting like crazed rabid dogs for one man, Christopher Dorner, because he turned his guns against them.

Dorner, an African American former Navy reservist, was fired from the white supremacist organization called LAPD for filing a false police report when he reported that his instructing officer kicked a mentally ill man. And, of course, that’s unfathomable from an LAPD officer. They never beat the disabled homeless. They never shoot an old homeless woman wielding a “scary” screwdriver. They never shoot and kill a 17 year old black disabled teen. They never beat unarmed young men and then plant a gun on them. They never shoot unarmed boys running away from them in the back – five times. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

These thugs are literally at war with people, especially with blacks and Hispanics. I don’t believe the TV pundits are really that stupid or ignorant when they express surprise at the fact that the community was expressing support for Dorner. I think they’re just a bunch of liars. Mindful of people’s anger at and resentment of the LAPD, Chief Charlie Beck, who initially dismissed Dorner’s allegations of discrimination and racism, said he had reopened the investigation into his firing to restore confidence in the black community.

Trigger happy psychopaths, who proudly and happily kill Muslim villagers for the Empire overseas and then return home, put on police uniform and are unleashed like mad dogs on the working class and black youth, became the target of a former black cop who too was trained to kill – apparently, too well.

So terrified were these heavily armed psychopathic thugs that their first press conference about the manhunt was from an underground hallway from an undisclosed location with heavy pig protection. Looking at the pictures broadcast by news organizations from Big Bear Lake, California, where their suspect was holed up yesterday in a cabin, you’d think you’re looking at a war zone with over a thousand cops and Sheriff’s deputies, armed with heavy arms and armored vehicles.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies were stopping motorists traveling on the surrounding roads with guns pointing at their faces and searching their cars. Others were going from cabin to cabin with machine guns, in this mountain resort town, looking for their man. A few of them who were guarding one of those threatened by Dorner, opened fire and injured two women delivering newspapers in LA on Thursday because they mistook their pickup truck for the suspect’s. Yes, that’s how safe these police officers make us living in LA feel.

Once they knew (or thought) they had their man holed up in the cabin, they started shooting at it. Then they brought an armored vehicle and broke down all four walls. After the cabin went up in flames – no telling how it started – they stood around and watched it burn completely down – for hours.

Hey LAPD, those who turn their guns on you will have plenty of places to stay safe and sound and the only ones to blame are you pigs and your racist organization. And if you think this was bad and made you scared, you should know your days of reckoning are ahead of you. Wait till people rise up again and chase you into your “underground” rabbit holes again, as they did 20 years ago, after you brutally and needlessly beat Rodney King. Not one of you could be found anywhere in streets of LA as people set fire to over 3,000 buildings and looted stores throughout the city. Your scary days are all ahead of you.


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