Obama: New Term, New Lies And New Wars

Capitalism and its outgrowth into imperialism cannot exist without lies. How else can you sell to people the rule of a small minority of super wealthy over the vast majority as democracy? How else can you convince the majority who work hard and struggle to make ends meet to voluntarily give up their interests and let the minority push their agenda and priorities over and at the expense of the majority? How else can you convince them to elect a president who is the personification of corporations and sell him as their defender? How else can you persuade them that handing out hundreds of billions of dollars to corporations that defraud the people is the right thing to do, while people can’t find jobs and live in poverty? How else can you make the claim that a whistle blower – Bradley Manning – is more dangerous and must be put to death or be imprisoned for life, while bankers who commit fraud and money laundering in the billions and ruin lives should go free? How else can you persuade people to go fight and die in wars against people who have done nothing to them, thousands of miles away for the benefit of corporations and their empire?

If you ever read the “mission statement” of corporations, you’d think they exist solely as charity organizations, in the service of humanity and betterment of people’s lives, in the most benevolent and humanistic manner possible, without the expectation of anything in return! Not only do they not mention that their only objective is to make as much money as possible and by any means possible, they don’t mention it even as a secondary objective. Yet, we know how they will go to any length, allowed by law or not, to maximize profits. (They love operating in developing countries which don’t have strict laws against their abuse)

The issue of sending young men and women to war for Empire is even more egregious and brazen and therefore requires even a bigger lie, but they tell it all the same. According to the mission statement of Africom – the “Africa Command” of the US military, established in October 2008 to coordinate all US military activity in Africa – Africom “contributes to increasing security and stability in Africa – allowing African states and regional organizations to promote democracy, to expand development, to provide for their common defense, and to better serve their people”. But, from time to time, they slip and tell it as it is. US Vice Admiral, Robert Moeller wrote in Foreign Policy magazine in 2010: “Let there be no mistake. Africom’s job is to protect American lives and promote American interests.” What’s meant by American lives is those of US soldiers’ who somehow have a right to be in Africa and therefore their government has the right to protect their lives. How is this different from a few hundred years ago when Europeans would kidnap Africans to sell as slaves and had the “right” to “defend” themselves against those who resisted and fought back by killing them? This is not a rhetorical question. It’s actually a serious one. Doesn’t this also remind you of Obama’s defense of Israel’s bombing of Gaza a few months ago when he said: “Israel has the right to defend itself”? Israel has the right to “defend” itself against those who resist occupation, ethnic cleansing and stealing their land by killing them. Lies about this and others like it are so rampant and told so consistently that they become accepted as natural and true even though they clearly defy logic. Africom was not created and Obama is not making plans with his generals to use it to distribute drugs for AIDS and Malaria and food and clean drinkable water to Africans or to help develop infrastructure and build hospitals and schools there. Africom was created, as part of the US military, just as other parts of it were, to wage war, to not give, but to take – take natural resources for cheap and to exploit cheap labor, as well as position the Empire for more military presence for future dominance over the continent. That’s what’s meant by “US interests”: “US lives” in the service of “US [corporate] interests.

Capitalism and especially imperialism, which the former grows into, is so dependent on lies for its continued functioning that the mainstream mass media, in its entirety, is dedicated to them. To be exact, there are two main objectives the mass media pursues: 1) selling the policies of the ruling class to people, which through time and by repetition and reinforcement of some basic falsehoods and myths, get established as the normal and accepted social groupthink and culture, amounting basically to mass brainwashing, and 2) acting as the conduit for selling capitalists’ products to the population, which again by repetition and continued reinforcement, engenders and encourages a culture of consumerism which capitalism relies upon.

So, here we are: once again Obama gives a nice speech making more promises and telling more lies, pretending to be the protectorate of the people and speaks eloquently of “democracy”, and pundits tell us about history being made, and a people under the leadership of its leader, looks forward towards better days, as their brothers and sisters continue to be massacred overseas and the police state spreads its paws ever more deeply and widely into monitoring our lives to prevent dissent, which they know will come due to ever worsening of the lives of working people and widening of the gap between rich and poor. They know it will come and they prepare for it, but try to postpone it, as long as they can, through beautifully told lies – lies so convincing at times that they bring tears to the eyes of grown up men and women, lies that have been told so often that have become part of the society’s psyche, by now.




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