Iran Threat At US Backdoor? Really?

At a time when the US economy is gripped by a stubborn recession with high unemployment and millions still not able to get healthcare four years after Obama’s Healthcare Act, all the US government can think about is how to demonized Iran and pave the way for another war in Middle East. This is not as surprising as it may seem; US answer to every problem seems to be in war or preparing the grounds for war. The “military-industrial complex” which has been more and more military for some time than industrial, has been set on autopilot with destination set on war.

Since the issue of Iran’s enriching uranium does not seem to have incensed the American public enough to acquiesce to another war in the region, here comes another motivation: a new law passed by Congress and signed by Obama on December 28 is called “Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act” which followed a new “study” released in late November by the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee titled “A Line In The Sand”, which documents Iran’s diplomatic advances in Latin America since 2005, especially in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. But, international diplomacy is still legal between governments the US does not approve of – at least for now until the House passes a law against that – so it throws in “terrorism” and Hezbollah on the one end of this ominous axis and Mexican drug cartels at the other, at America’s “backyard”. According to this “study”, “Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies have raised revenues through illicit activities, including drug and arms trafficking, counterfeiting, money laundering, forging travel documents, pirating software and music and providing haven and assistance to other terrorists transiting the region.” (Sec. 2, Findings 8)

In Finding 10 of that same section, it states: “The US Drug Enforcement Administration concluded in 2008 that almost one-half of the foreign terrorist organizations in the world are linked to narcotics trade and trafficking, including Hezbollah and Hamas” which it links to Iran.

But the justification for war doesn’t end there. After Iran warns Israel that an attack on Syria – which had been threatened by Israel with full support of the US – would be considered an attack on Iran, Israel goes ahead and bombs Syria which it did yesterday, again with full US support and green light.

The only thing the US has not done for war with Iran, which it has not been doing for other wars recently, either, even though the US constitution requires it, is the declaration of war. It couldn’t have made it any clearer that what it wants is war with Iran.



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