5 best things that happened for US Empire

5 best things that happened for US Empire that made it what it is today and the outlook for the future:

1. WWII which weakened Europe and made the US a superpower with the strongest military and economy and widest sphere of economic, military and political influence around the world that continue to this day. It almost overnight doubled US GDP and made it the number one military power and opened up vast new regions for exploitation by US corporations.

2. TV which gave the US ruling class and their corporations who owned the channels and controlled what the people would hear and see day in and day out sitting in their living rooms. Through a corporate owned media but especially the TV, they accomplished the most successful and most complete brainwashing achieved anywhere and anytime. By controlling the mindset and culture, they were able to push policies that benefited the minority of super rich at the expense of the poor majority resulting in people’s acquiescence to policies that are clearly against their own interests and would otherwise never agree to, including busting their unions, cutting spending on social programs and spending the money on endless wars of conquest, to name a few.

3. The creation of the state of Israel that has served and defended its interests, especially in the vital and oil-rich region of the Middle East since its formation by playing the role of a cop in the region to keep the “order” for the US and protect its corporate interests and to keep the region’s governments in line, often doing their dirty work for them, including assassinations, bombings, invasions and blackmailing. It has been used to fight off and prevent national liberation and anti-imperialist movements and has provided the Empire with the largest and strongest military base waging wars on behalf, but not in the name of the US. This is why they give the apartheid state billions of dollars every year, including massive amounts of most advanced weaponry and defend it, unconditionally.

4. 9/11 which overnight gave it the pretext it needed and wanted to begin, on the one hand, a deceptive “war on terror” and its corollary “endless wars” to try and accelerate the pace of achieving global hegemony, and on the other, tighten its screws on its own population, taking away many of their civil rights and freedoms in order to stifle dissent and preempt any popular movement that might rise in opposition to all the wars and the austerity required to finance them. Without 9/11, they would have a very hard time selling this two-pronged strategy to the people.

5. The breakup of the Soviet Union which left the US without a serious challenge to its policies of war and militarism and left it free to exert its hegemony in all four corners of the world.

But, things are surely if gradually changing. The Arab Spring has challenged the policy of installing and aiding dictators who would do the US bidding against the interests of their own people. This has also limited what Israel can do in the region given the high level of anger towards it for the genocide they have been committing against the Palestinians. Also, Latin America is fast getting out of their hands where nations are increasingly exerting their independence from the Empire. China is also taking some of the economic and political opportunities away from the US which is why the latter is frantically trying to stop its advances in the Pacific by taking more warships to the region including beefing up their positions in Australia and frequently meeting with heads of states of the region. But, as they continue to be challenged in Middle East, in Latin America and in the Pacific, the danger is for the Empire to strike back with more wars in the coming years.


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