The widely popular Korean rapper, Psy, whose performances have gone viral and have been viewed on YouTube in record numbers around the world, is one of the artists scheduled to perform Sunday night at “Christmas in Washington”, the annual holiday concert held at the National Building Museum, with President Obama and his family in attendance, reports Washington Post.

What’s interesting about this is that the band held performances in South Korea in 2004 against US and US military. The lyrics of one of his songs urged Iraqis to “kill the f… Yankees”. At one of his performances back then, when he got up on the stage, he smashed a US military vehicle model against the stage, at the cheer and applause of the audience.

At the time, Bush’s war on largely defenseless Iraq, which by the time Obama was forced to withdraw, resulted in the death of over a million Iraqis and the utter devastation of the country which US leaders like to describe as taking the country “back to Stone Age”, was fresh in the minds of Korean people – as with most of the world. And so was the striking and killing in 2002 of two 14 year old girls as they were walking along the street by a US military vehicle whose driver did not face any charges and was flown back to the US thanks to the immunity US soldiers receive when they occupy a country. Of course, US troops have committed far worse crimes in many countries without being tried in any court, including murder and rape of underage girls.

Furthermore, for 10 years, starting in 1998, both South and North Korea pursued a policy of rapprochement and dialog, and during the entire time, the US pressured the South to stop the talks and continue to view the North as their arch enemy, against the sentiment of the vast majority of the Korean people, who were overwhelmingly behind the move to ease tensions and develop understanding with their own people in the North. This writer was at several meetings in Los Angeles where South Korean delegations who had traveled to North and met with government officials there presented their progress reports and spoke of US arm twisting. As reported by the Post, a poll taken in 2004 of South Korean 20 somethings, revealed that 75% expressed hatred for the Empire occupying their country, which continues to this day, and wanted the US to leave.

Now, why is Washington Post, which like other mainstream papers of the Empire, cheered the marines as they invaded Iraq, mentioning Psy now? Because he, the lead singer, has decided it’s more expedient for his career now to apologize for his lyrics of 8 years ago and has even been performing for the Yankee soldiers. I suppose the Post feels vindication that a popular international rapper has come around to the side of the Empire – out of business considerations, mind you – to the point that he’s seen safe now to perform in front of the criminal in chief himself.


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