Newtown Massacre

People are asking what kind of sick psychopath would go to an elementary school with multiple guns and rounds of ammo and shoot defenseless little kids to death – unspeakable horror, indeed. The mother of this disturbed 20 year old, a kindergarten teacher, had legally purchased the guns and ammunition that Her son used to kill those kids and their teacher, including his own mother.

But, given the fact that millions of Americans are clinically depressed and given decades of pro-war and militarist propaganda brainwashing the American people to garner their acquiescence to “endless wars” of imperial conquest and empire building, especially the young, who must become the cannon fodder for the empire’s war machine, it’s not as surprising as one might think that such senseless and horrific violence continues to occur without an end in sight, while all the gun manufacturers’ lobby can be worried about is that such violence might result in legislature that might cut into their profits.

And “profit” is the word that rises to the surface of any meaningful and analytic look at the phenomenon over and over again, a word Which is after all behind a culture of war and violence which kills innocent little children all the time by the sons and daughters of a desensitized population, who shoot at people overseas by clicking on a joystick controlling a drone thousands of mines away that brings down the roof on children in their “elementary school” and the severed limbs of 5 year olds don’t even make it on the evening news and don’t cause statements of grief by the President and people don’t go to their churches to pray for those victims …


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