Democrats Turn to Militarism and Patriotism to Sell Their Candidate

The only thing missing from the Democratic National Convention that nominated Hillary Clinton was a display of tanks, missiles, bombers, fighter jets and several battalions of soldiers marching past the nominee to show the world how “powerful” the US military is, which of course it means how “great” the country is because military power, including the most advanced weapons and highly trained soldiers, equals greatness! “America is already great” was the theme and how strong its military and its killing machines are was the evidence. 

It seemed as though they had gathered there to declare war on the entire world. Ironically, however, during all that jingoism, bravado and military pride that made the gathering look like a convention of the German Nazi Party, some lost souls were holding up signs that read “Love Trumps Hate”! Those people could not have looked more out of place there. Love? Really? The only love displayed there was for endless and nonstop wars and the troops for killing as many brown and Muslim people as they can. And this was the other glaring irony there. They condemned Donald Trump for his xenophobia and wanting to prevent Muslims from entering the US, while priding themselves of destroying several Muslim countries and killing hundreds of thousands of their inhabitants, which in their sick and twisted minds shows greatness. While Trump has so far displayed his racism against Muslims in words, Obama and Clinton have shown it in action.

What was also on display during the Convention was how incredibly disconnected Democratic Party leaders are from reality. What else could they have used as evidence of America’s greatness and “exceptionalism”, if not its military and belligerence? What else could they have used to rally people behind them, if not nationalism and hollow patriotism and empty words? The income and wealth gap between rich and poor is at an all time high. So is poverty and rate of incarceration from lower classes, especially among racial minorities. Police continue to brutalize, shoot and kill innocent and unarmed Blacks and get away with it. Higher education is as unaffordable as ever. Millions of college graduates can’t find a job, even after taking on tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Still millions of working people have no access to healthcare and millions, who have insurance, still can’t get care, due to high out of pocket expenses. Racism remains a big problem. The environment has been ignored and climate change is accelerating as a result of global warming. Highways, bridges and other infrastructure are in disrepair. State governments are cutting back on services for lack of money. Prisons and classrooms are overcrowded. Millions of children go to school hungry. Jobs are being shipped overseas and wages keep going down. So, what else besides unrivaled military strength and the power to bully and wage war on any country they want could show greatness?

But, not everything is bad in this country. Actually, things are fantastic, if you’re a multimillionaire or a billionaire. Things are just great for weapons manufacturers, Wall Street banks, oil, pharmaceutical and other giant corporations like Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Northrop and others. But, they couldn’t say that. They had to put their focus on military greatness and patriotism and that they can fight several wars, simultaneously. 

Historically, however, it’s been the Republican Party, which used such nationalistic and war propaganda to rally people to vote for the economic elite and against their own economic interests. That role was reversed during this election cycle. Republicans still did use fear of “Muslim terrorists” and immigrant bashing to rally their racist white base, but this time, the war mongering was mainly used by the Democrats, who had to defend Obama’s policies and convince people that no change is needed. And, that’s hard to do when all they have to show for is more economic hardship for millions and more wars – much more wars. Hence, “look how powerful we are and how many wars we can wage”.

But, words can only go so far. Conventions do influence minds and raise poll numbers, but the disconnect has its unexpected consequences, too. And this is where Trump has the edge over Clinton, an edge her campaign is underestimating to its own peril. He has tapped into people’s frustration and anger with both parties. While Clinton campaign keeps telling people everything is great, people know they aren’t. That’s why Trump’s demagogic motto of “Making America Great Again” sounds closer to people’s hearts than Clinton’s defensive motto of “America is Already Great”, which doesn’t carry much weight, anymore. 

Bernie Sanders was similarly able to excite the liberal base that was similarly frustrated with Democratic leadership and their lies and false promises, before he capitulated and decided that Clinton was right and he was wrong after an entire year of telling his supporters otherwise and leaving many who believed his lies and false promises and who still can’t buy the Clinton-Sanders line of “see how great everything is”, nowhere to go. And many, I believe and polls show, will either sit the elections out, which is a form of protest, itself, or vote for Trump. Sanders, meanwhile, will go down as nothing more than Clinton’s sheepdog who herded disillusioned liberals back into the Party of Wall Street and endless wars. 

He had a choice. He could have broken with the Democrats and their corrupt party, which serves the super wealthy, and formed a third party to push for a more progressive agenda. But, instead, he chose to remain with the Democratic Party so he could continue his job as an insignificant senator from Vermont and to be accepted by the Party elite as one of their own. His choice was not surprising, given his 30 years of service to the white wealthy ruling class, but hopefully, it was a lesson for his supporters, who find themselves in a box and put their hope for achieving real and meaningful change in career politicians, running in multibillion dollar elections that are set up and designed to maintain the power structure, which is what remains intact, after countless hours of TV programming, endlessly discussing the race, after billions spent on advertising and after all the polls are taken and all the speeches given and after the cheering and singing spectators have left the large auditoriums and convention halls and all the balloons are popped and lights turned off, only to reset the clock and begin preparing for the next big circus show. There is a principle in science that says if it can’t be disproven, it’s not science. If change is made impossible, then it’s not democracy.


Liberals: A Class Perspective

We can be forgiven for not understanding events and currents of distant past, which we can only read about, but we can’t be forgiven for remaining ignorant and continuing to be fooled and fool ourselves and others in the face of glaringly obvious and undeniable facts that are here and now and all around us. What we must finally and once and for all understand and accept, after all these years of Democratic Party politics and neoliberal policies, from Bill Clinton to Barrack Obama, and continuing into the likely presidency of Hillary Clinton, which is current history, is that Democrats and liberals in general, are bigger impediment and threat to progress and social and economic justice than the Republicans and conservatives in general, not because the latter have better or more progressive positions and agenda – obviously they don’t – but because Democrats are better defenders and servants of the ruling 1% because they’re much better at deceiving the public and preventing class consciousness and derailing movements for change. They accomplish this feat not by being more progressive – Democrats have not been progressive or even “liberal” in the true sense of the word, domestically or internationally, since the presidency of Bill Clinton – but because they are masters at lies, deception and false promises, making it nearly impossible for the left to organize a viable alternative to the capitalist rule.

No, I’m not advocating or defending conservatives and I don’t share any of their reactionary and rightwing ideas and I’m not suggesting supporting or voting for Trump or any Republican. But, I do believe that liberals are more dangerous and a much bigger threat to and a much more formidable enemy of the working class and the global poor because they’re by far the more effective, the more sophisticated, the more capable and more competent advocates of the ruling 1%, who can better deceive working people and get them to vote against their own interests than can conservatives. The Rachel Maddows, Chris Hays, Lawrence O’Donnels and other liberal commentators and pundits as well as the Bernie Sanders of the corporate political establishment are more dangerous and more effective enemies of the people in the long run than racist misogynist megalomaniac idiots like Donald Trump, who are much easier to expose and rally people against.

This is the time when people must break with liberals and stop believing their lies before they gradually walk us into fascism. This is the time for the real left to begin considering liberals what they really are: dangerous and potent class enemies of all working poor to be exposed, fought and defeated. Without such decisive break with liberals and without their defeat, there won’t be victory for the working class.

Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party: A Class Perspective 

The problem isn’t that Bernie went against everything he had said about why he was running during his campaign and endorsed someone who’s the epitome of a pro Wall Street, pro big business, corrupt neoconservative politician. The problem is that he was never really against any of what Clinton represents; he was never against capitalism, which by definition, creates wealth for a few at the expense of many, by funneling the nation’s and even the world’s wealth into a few hands, leaving the majority poorer than ever. Bernie was never against an economic system that, by nature and by necessity, creates the income and wealth inequality that he was stressing and all the injustices and atrocities, including endless wars and police brutality, that go along with it.

What makes capitalism unlike any other socioeconomic system is how it can commodify just about everything, and as long as it can do that, and as long as the motive, the means, the opportunity and the demand exists, some will try and profit from just about anything, no matter how unethical, outrageous, inhuman or destructive it is, including the production and sale of illicit drugs or some new concoction pushed by giant drug companies or newer and more effective killing machines or the body organs of the poor and desperate or their underage daughters to use as sex slaves in what’s known as “sex trades” and much more. Capitalism creates abject poverty and therefore fertile grounds for such abuses and atrocities, not to mention reason for killer cops to shoot and kill innocent people whose lives are wasted, whether they stay alive on the streets or in prison or killed to keep capitalism alive.

What giant corporations like Monsanto or GE or Exxon-Mobile or Goldman Sachs or McDonnel Douglas and others do are no less outrageous, inhuman, destructive or unethical. It’s just that they do it on much larger scale with outcomes that aren’t as readily visible or graspable, from poisoning rivers and lakes with industrial byproducts or endangering the lives of workers with inadequate safety measures and contributing to global warming, among others. While some practices like child or slave labor is illegal in advanced capitalist countries, it’s still legal here in the US to wage war to sell weapons or to gain strategic and geopolitical advantage or to push food to children that’s bad for them and makes them sick or to overthrow governments or to commit military coups against democratically elected governments or to give weapons to a state committing genocide. It still warrants no prison time for bankers who defraud borrowers or CEO’s of oil giants for spilling oil in the ocean or for causing man-made earthquakes through hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or for contributing to climate change.

Capitalism even commodifies women. Capitalism may not be the first socioeconomic system that encourages or exacerbates sexism, but it is the most effective in degrading women and presenting them as sex objects and tools that can be bought and used for pleasure, just like a pack of cigarettes. I would argue that no other social and economic system engenders or incites as much hatred against and belittles and insults women as does capitalism.

Capitalism has also the unique ability to strip humanity and human empathy out of otherwise normal human beings and turn them into monsters, individuals who not only don’t care what their actions do to other people, but who actually take pride in being “good” and “smart” investors, who are focused strictly on maximizing profits, irregardless of the consequences of their actions and don’t let unimportant things like the lives and livelihood of others get in the way of their business decisions. If doing business with apartheid Israel that’s committing genocide against Palestinians is profitable, they’ll do it. If hiring death squads to murder local farmers in Central America is profitable, they’ll do that. If destroying the environment is the result of their “free enterprises”, so be it. Economic recessions and periods of high unemployment are considered “good investment opportunity” for them. So are wars that kill over a million people at a time, such as in Iraq, which Clinton called just that: “good investment opportunity”. 

Greedy and ruthless business people are looked up to and rewarded with lucrative positions and opportunities. These people aren’t born heartless assholes. They’re trained to be that way by the system. You can’t have a system that encourages and in fact functions on greed and expect or ask individuals not to be greedy. They say “you are what you eat”. What’s even truer than that is that you are what you think, what you say and what you do.

Capitalism will by nature create different classes of people with vastly different interests and income and wealth levels. To maintain the capitalist rule, its proponents will always come together, make alliances and unite against the working class, as did Sanders and Clinton. Bernie was never with us. That’s why he ended up as nothing more than the sheepdog for someone who is the epitome of everything that’s wrong and that his supporters wanted to change. He was the wrong leader for a much needed campaign for change, which he pretended to lead and opportunistically and disingenuously called his “political revolution”, knowing that that was what his supporters wanted and that he couldn’t or wouldn’t deliver. The fact that he could ally himself with Clinton shows that he was no different. And he really, fundamentally and economically, isn’t any different. That’s what’s important to understand. Capitalism can’t be fair or just or democratic. So how can we expect one of its proponents not to unite with Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment, which is clearly a criminal organization and an enemy of all humanity?

Trump is not the issue. He’s an excuse and a distraction. The problem is the two corporate parties and their dance together every four years, leaving people at the mercy and in the tight grip of a government that’s owned and run by giant multinational corporations and their big shareholders. Capitalism is the problem, which both Sanders and Clinton line up to defend and protect and would fight us for, with everything they have. That’s what makes them strategic partners. They would even, ultimately, ally themselves with Trump, if they felt they had to, to protect the system.

We’re led to believe that if we don’t vote for a Democrat, any Democrat, no matter how similar his or her positions are to Republicans, we will all die. This is like an abusive husband telling his wife that if she leaves him, she’ll have it much worse and so she stays and the abuse continues.

Isn’t it time to think deeper and more fundamentally? Isn’t it time to put our focus on the capitalist system rather than individual pro-capitalist politicians, who we hope will win in capitalist elections to give us the change we want and need, if and when elected to lead the very capitalist system that’s the problem in the first place?

Sanders Urges His Supporters to Vote For Clinton

Bernie Sanders to the delegates present at the Democratic National Convention at “Wells Fargo Center” (what an appropriate name for the venue): “We have got to elect Hillary Clinton”. Basically, Sanders is saying to his supporters: you misunderstood me. By “political revolution”, I meant electing a Wall Street shill who is a champion of neoliberal policies, a warmongering hawk who has supported, voted for or pushed for every war that has ever come up, been considered or waged by the US during her entire adult life, someone who has pledged allegiance to the largest international banks and other large corporations, from oil companies to weapons manufacturers to big Pharma, and supported trade agreements that have driven wages down and impoverished the middle class. 

That’s what “political revolution” means to Bernie: continuing on the same path that has increased the “income and wealth inequality”, which he made the focus of his so-called “political revolution”. And who better than Clinton to lead that “revolution”? So, his supporters are now supposed to shut up and quietly be herded into the Democrats’ barn and accept Clinton as the next president (He texted his supporters not to protest!). You wanted change? You got change! Hey at least she’s a woman! That’s something.

As Police Brutality Continues unabated, the War on the Poor and Minorities Enters New Phase

“There is a war on the police”, said a former “law enforcement officer” on MSNBC, today, after 3 officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Yes, indeed, it is a war, but it’s a war started by the state and which so far has been completely one sided: by the police against the people. What should be clear to us all is that the state has no intention of listening to people’s grievances and heeding their call for reform. That’s because the capitalist state began this war to protect the system from those it considers the biggest threat: those at the bottom of the society, the poor minorities, especially African Americans. Yes, it’s true: the police do “serve and protect”, but what’s left out is whom exactly do they “protect and serve”? The inner city police in American cities literally act as and are an occupation force. Poor neighborhoods are, for all practical purposes, a police state, with officers acting as the judge, jury and executioner, with total disregard for the rule of law and due process. 

After the cold blooded execution of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge police, by placing a gun right on his chest and firing several shots while he was pinned down to ground, the officers entered the nearby convenience store and confiscated its security system and video tape of the incident, without a search warrant and without asking the store owner of his consent. They even confiscated the cell phone of the owner, who had also recorded the murder, handcuffed him and took him to the station and detained him for 6 hours, just for filming the murder. That’s not an isolated incident. There have been many incidents, in cities all over the country, of police officers violently grabbing cell phones from individuals recording them, sometimes by pulling a gun on them and threatening to shoot them. They also routinely, without any repercussions, shoot at fleeing cars. One such case grabbed national attention a few years ago, when an officer opened fire on and shattered the rear window of a car full of children, including some in the back seat, when the mother of those children began to drive away when ordered to get out of the car. Can anyone really blame an African American woman for not wanting to be arrested and taken in by white police officers? 

None of these police actions are legal, let alone moral or ethical; yet, they do it all the time and with total impunity. Even in cases like the murder of Alton Sterling, when the killing is totally unjustified, the city resists filing charges against the perpetrator. The only time they take any legal action against the officers is when there is incriminating video and only when they don’t own the video, themselves; otherwise, they keep the video from the public. As reported by Chicago Tribune on 3 January, 2016, the City has kept video evidence of police shootings in Chicago hidden from the public, refusing to release them to avoid prosecution of the officers. The murder of unarmed Laquan McDonald by Chicago police, by firing 16 shots, even after he was down and motionless, was released after over a year and only by the order of a judge following a lawsuit to force the city to release it. And it took 6 more months of public pressure to open investigation on over 90 such cases when there was video evidence of wrongful police shooting (Chicago Tribune, 3 January, 2016). What is clear is that when it comes to policing, especially in poor neighborhoods and ghettos, the state doesn’t give a shit about the rule of law or due process. Such niceties are only for the upper classes and only for public relations or rather public deception.

Not only does the capitalist state not have any intention of fixing the problem of police brutality, it has no choice, but to continue and even to expand and intensify it. Police brutality did not appear by chance. It grew out of the necessity of keeping the oppressed masses down, intimidated and subdued. The bigger the gap between the rich and poor, the bigger the “need” for police brutality and murders. But, those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.

What we often are told by the capitalist media is that not every officer is a racist psychopathic killer. That’s true: the rest file false police reports and lie to protect their comrades, plant a gun or drugs on their victims and beat peaceful protesters. You will also hear some talk about “the need for more diversity” in police ranks. That’s a diversion and distraction, meant, as all such diversions are, to take focus away from the real issue and offer a fake “solution”, which is anything but. The last 8 years of a “black president”, not to mention many high ranking Black officers, including police chiefs and mayors, have shown what was obvious to many of us, which is that it’s not the racial makeup of the police that matters, but the class nature and function of the police as an institution in the service of the white supremacist ruling 1% and an integral part of the capitalist system and necessitated by the class nature of the society. If any of those Blacks who are hired to serve the ruling class and protect the system act against their bosses, they will be dealt with promptly. 

What you will also often hear is that it’s the “divisive and angry rhetoric” (the “rhetoric” of saying “stop killing us”?!) of those who protest against police brutality that’s creating “division” and incites violence against the police. Not only do such statements try to shift the blame away from violent, lawless and out of control police, who commit murders against the poor and people of color, but are intended to criminalize protesting against the police, opening the door to more draconian laws against protests. There is already talk of “federalizing” attacks on police and categorizing them as “hate crime”. The irony couldn’t be bigger. Racist police shoot and kill oppressed minorities out of racist hate and their attackers are to be labeled as perpetrators of “hate crime”.

As I write this, President Obama is expected to once again make comments condemning the murder of the 3 officers in Baton Rouge. That’s understandable. What is also understandable, is his stress that “we are one family” and “united” and that such “terror attacks on our dedicated police officers who heroically and selflessly put their lives in danger to protect and serve us can’t be allowed to divide us”. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that the rulers and billionaire owners of this country want people to believe more than that “we are one family” with the same “national interests”, which is what Obama excels in communicating to people, which is precisely what the ruling class noticed in him in 2004, during his speech at the Democratic National Convention, when the Senator from Illinois said: “There is no Red America and Blue America; there is just America. There is no White America and Black America; there is just America.” How different is this really from the “house negro” telling other slaves on a plantation that “we are all one family” and that “we shouldn’t let others divide us”? Yes, we are “one family”. It just depends on your definition of “one family”.

Police Brutality, The State and The Media: A Class Analysis

What should be clear by now, even to those who haven’t been paying much attention, is that a war is being waged against people of color by the police throughout the US. And, I don’t mean by some police or just the ones who are racists or psychopaths. I mean the police as a national and nationwide institution, as a part and organ of the state. Saying that not all police officers are racist psychopaths who kill innocent people is like saying not all soldiers who go to fight an unjust war for the ruling class shoot at the enemy; some work on the logistics, on getting the weapons ready, on transportation or communication or on paperwork or on preparing the food, and so on; so they’re not responsible for what the military does to innocent defenseless people who are sacrificed for geopolitical or economic gains for the empire. 

The fact is: the entire police in the US, as part of one coherent and unified paramilitary organization in the service of the wealthy is waging an undeclared war on the people of color in the US. Understanding this is crucial for understanding any possible solution or, for that matter, for finding a way to fight back.

We must also understand the function of the state as a whole and with all its organs and functions, from the president’s office and Congress to the courts, down to city officials and the police, which is the first line of defense for the ruling class. They all work in a cohesive and coordinated way, as constituent parts or components of one system. They all have a job or function and serve the ruling 1%. 

After the latest cold blooded murders of Blacks in the hands of the police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Minnesota, and the killing of 5 police officers by an Army veteran, seemingly in retaliation, during a protest against police brutality in Dallas, Texas, President Obama said in his remarks in Warsaw, Poland, which he was visiting, what he was supposed to say as an agent and representative of the 1%. He said he had ordered the Justice Department to “support the police and the city of Dallas as they deal with this tragedy”. He said of the families of the killed officers that “the American people are grieving with them and that we stand with them”. Confirming his plans to meet the families of the killed officers, he added: “I’ll have the opportunity to convey our condolences and show our solidarity when I visit Dallas in a few days”, adding that “I firmly believe that America is not as divided as some have suggested. Americans of all races and all backgrounds are rightly outraged by the inexcusable attacks on police, whether it’s in Dallas or anyplace else.” So, his issue, or rather that of the class he represents, is “attacks on police”, not those by police on members of Black and Hispanic minorities that continue to take their lives several a week, every week.

This is also the same president, who at the height of police killing African American men, on a daily basis, last year, signed the “Blue Alert Act” to “protect police officers” because it’s the militarized and heavily armed police with military training who need protection against Black men, not Blacks and Hispanics who are getting murdered by an out of control police throughout the country.

Another part of this expansive and well organized (they’re strong because they’re organized and act in an organized and unison manner) is the propaganda wing of the corporate rule, the media. Since the incident in Dallas, MSNBC and other cable TV networks have continued a fierce pro-“law enforcement” propaganda campaign, nonstop, talking about police “bravery” and “sacrifices” and how “they put their lives on the line everyday to protect and serve us”. They try to demonize the protesters and suggest that support for protests is tantamount to support for violence against the police, who according to MSNBC and others are the victims, rather than the villains. MSNBC interviewed the mother and sister of one of the killed officers, extensively, discussing at length, what he liked to do, what he was like, how he was helpful to his sister and family, etc. They also had the mother of a protester, an African American, describing how the police came to their help and protected them during the Dallas protest. When interviewing a Black Lives Matter activist, they implied that “the rhetoric” of the movement (the “rhetoric” of “stop killing us”?!) incites violence against the police like the one in Dallas, thus trying to discredit the movement and its demands for change. MSNBC also had Rev. Al Sharpton, who was inaugurated as Obama’s official cheerleader when he was elected president, defend the president’s one-sided remarks, reminding the Black community, which he pretends to speak for, that as president, Obama has to strike a balance between “the two sides”, similar, I guess, to how he strikes a balance between “the two sides”, by giving unlimited military and economic aid and political and diplomatic support to Israel and, on the other hand, to show balance, he “criticizes” Israel’s land seizures and settlement building as “unproductive”! Those words of “criticism” supposedly balances out his actual, military and economic, support for the ongoing genocide, just as his words of sympathy for those unjustly killed by police should balance out all the support, money and weapons the police get to use against people.

That’s also how MSNBC tries to show its “journalistic” even-handedness(!). They show “concern” about black men being murdered on the streets on a daily basis and spending days talking about the sacrifices, bravery and heroics of murderous police. They try to humanize a paramilitary force which has long been stripped of any trace of humanity through military training and have more in common with robots now being employed to blow up hard to subdue suspects than any human being. There are also some subtler ways in which rightwing networks like MSNBC try to manipulate minds, such as when they repeat words of the police as fact and try to give the impression of them being professionals who follow the rule of law and “investigate” their officers, while they portray protesters as “lawless thugs” who want to incite violence. They also use family members of the victims of police brutality to ask protesters for “calm” and “peace”. Using Black sell-outs like Al Obama-is-Messiah Sharpton to calm anger among the victims is also an often used technique.

All mainstream and corporate media help and support the ruling class of 1% and their mercenary murderous police. But, if you must watch cable “news” channels, go with Fox News, which, at least, doesn’t pretend to be on the side of working people or the oppressed minorities. You’ll be less likely to be brainwashed. MSNBC, and Democrats in general, are the more effective defenders and protectors of large capital, imperialism and its wars and the super wealthy white supremacist ruling class. Someone like Rachel Maddow or Chris Hays or Lawrence O’Donnell do better and more effective service to the rule of capital and their wars and racist police than do less sophisticated and less informed reporters on Fox News.

I’m often attacked as being “extreme”, when I call the police killings as war waged by the ruling class and that this war will not be stopped by the state which it started in the first place and that it will have to be stopped by an organized and militant nationwide movement, but anyone who says that all we need is some better training of the police or some “reform of the criminal justice system”, as Hillary Clinton says or more “inclusive” policies that will help the middle class and not just the 1%, as Bernie Sanders claims, they’re lying and want the continuation of the status quo. The system is not reformable. It must be uprooted and buried under 10 feet of concrete. Like it or not that’s the truth.

As Terrorist Bombings Continue, US Pledges To Combat It – Again!


Over 200 were killed and hundreds injured when a car bomb exploded in central Bagdad on a busy shopping street on Sunday, when families were out after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. 

As terrorists keep massacring innocent people in Iraq, everyday, at times amounting to hundreds of casualties a week, let’s not forget who brought this holocaust on to the Iraqi people. The US war on Iraq, on lies, fabrications and false pretexts by the Bush Administration, was one of the most blatant war crimes and crimes against humanity, ever committed against a nation, a travesty which has caused the death of over a million Iraqis and displacement of millions more, and which is still causing casualties, without an end in sight. Those who planned, ordered and executed this devastating and criminal war should have been prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. That the ICC picks and chooses whom to call to the Hague to face prosecution and tries only those it chooses for political reasons and ignores such blatant and devastating US war crimes and violations of established international laws by US leaders shows an utmost hypocrisy, corruption and disregard for the very international laws it claims to defend and protect and exposes such institutions as the ICC as nothing but corrupt imperialist tools.

US arming and funding of ISIS terrorists in Syria, whom they deceptively call “rebels” and “the moderate opposition”, in order to hide their alliance with brutal terrorists, when even their own US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has contradicted them by saying “there are no moderates among Syrian opposition”, is another obvious war crime, which like in Iraq, has caused and is causing numerous deaths and refugees and is destabilizing the entire region. This war crime, committed by President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is also going unpunished and even unexposed by the mainstream media, which goes to show the complicity of the corporate media. 

The US has also been given a free pass on its war on Afghanistan, which has gone on for 15 years. Same goes for literally destroying Libya and rendering it ungovernable and turning it into a haven for terrorists, from which to conduct their acts of terror, with funding from close US ally, Saudi Arabia, with complete silence from US political establishment and their servant media. 

What’s ironic about all this is that the rise of terror attacks, which have been the result of US foreign policy, is now being used as the pretext for even more militarism, military interventions and continued policy of “endless wars”, as the answer to everything, including even problems created and exacerbated by those very military interventions and wars, in the first place. Not only did Hillary Clinton go unpunished for her war crimes in Libya and Syria (and her role in the coup in Honduras), she is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, with the best chance of winning the presidency, so she can continue such war crimes for 8 more years!

Think about it: just within the last 15 years, the US has attacked and waged war against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. It has armed terrorists in order to overthrow the sovereign government in Syria, has supported Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign against Yemen that continues to massacre its people, has conducted bombings in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia using drones, has helped crush the pro-democracy rebellion in Bahrain, has helped Egypt reestablish its brutal military dictatorship, has conducted a coup in Ukraine and Honduras and created chaos and instability in Venezuela, has imposed devastating sanctions on Iran on the pretext of stopping its nuclear program, has committed a dangerous cyber attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities that could have created a nuclear catastrophe, has cooperated with Israel to assassinate four of Iran’s nuclear scientists and professors, while defending and keeping silent on Israel’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, has assassinated individuals from a “kill list”, has kidnapped nationals of foreign states and put them in Guantanamo Bay, force feeding the striking prisoners who demanded a resolution to their indefinite incarceration and torture without even a charge or trial, has supported Israel’s barbaric attack on and war crimes in Gaza and supported its continued occupation of Palestine and building settlements on confiscated land and has pushed for sanctions against Russia and moved NATO and heavy weapons to its borders and much more acts of war, provocation and aggression. It’s as if they are deliberately and tirelessly pushing the world towards utter chaos and instability, total destruction and mass annihilation. And, then, they wonder why terrorism is on the rise in the Middle East and why organizations like ISIS appear on the scene and massacre innocent people everyday. This is the end game of an economic system that’s hell bent on world domination, at all cost, by giant multinational corporations with profits that are larger than the annual budget of many nations, for the purpose of blind and shortsighted profiteering and wealth accumulation. There is no other possible outcome for such a system in its most advanced phase of imperialism and empire building.

At some point, the American people will have to learn the truth about their government and conduct the most pressing, most needed and most urgent regime change in the whole world, a regime change that will put an end to this incredible scourge of wars, terror and instability, brought on by the US government in partnership with its allies, just to benefit a select few who are destroying the world and dragging hundreds of millions of people through blood and mud and keeping billions in poverty and destitute. This can’t be allowed to go on any longer. Remember this next time you see or read news of bombings in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere that blow up innocent people, including women and children.