The Truth About US-Saudi relations

US-Saudi relations are truly shameful and vile. They’re based on nothing but horrendous acts of violence, terror and mass murder against the people of Middle East. Like a gang of thugs and thieves, the two evil governments are in an unholy alliance to do as much evil and harm in the region as possible, in order to maintain and expand US hegemony and control in the area and secure the Saudi barbaric Islamic caliphate’s survival for as long as possible.

The corrupt medieval and despotic Kingdom that’s cutting its people’s arms and legs for petty crimes, stones women to death for leaving their husbands, beheads those who speak out critically of the Kingdom and oppresses women like it’s the 7th Century, is being shamelessly used by Washington to commit the dirtiest and most vile jobs for imperialism, in return for selling it sophisticated weapons and fighter jets, which they pay for using their oil money. In 2011, they were asked by the US to send troops to Bahrain, which is home to US Fifth Naval Fleet, right at the Iranian border, to crush the pro-democracy movement, which they promptly complied. Shortly thereafter, they began arming and funding Islamist terrorists, including the Al Qaeda in Iraq, which became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), headed by Al Baghdadi, who had formed an army of Iraqi Sunny fighters after the invasion of Iraq by the US and moved to Syria to create an Islamic caliphate. They went on to massacre tens of thousands of people in Syria, who opposed their version of Islam, including many Christians and Muslims. The US and its allies were hoping the terror group could be used to overthrow the secular government there, so they could go in and install s puppet regime, which would toe the empire line and fall into the Saudi-Israeli-Egyptian-Jordanian alliance. A year later, in another favor for the gang’s leaders in Washington, the Saudis began bombing Yemen, after the US backed dictatorship was toppled by Houthi rebels. No country is allowed to leave the US backed gang in the region.

And now, according to some reports, after Russia thwarted the US plan to overthrow the secular government in Damascus, which has resulted in the death of some 250,000 and displacement of millions of Syrians, the medieval Kingdom is about to send some 150,000 troops made up of Saudi, Sudanese, Egyptian and Jordanian mercenaries to Syria, on behalf of the US. The US and its barbaric gang have tasted Syria’s blood on their tongues and are not willing to let go of their wounded prey. 

What the US is doing in Syria, through its minions, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and others, is testing Russians’ will at the expense of what’s left of the Syrian population and at the risk and with the hope of starting a proxy war between Russia, on the one hand, who has come to its ally’s defense at the government’s request and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and others, on the other. Following Russia’s intervention, which caused most of the terrorist mercenaries to flee the country, Syrians have just now begun to breathe a sigh of relief, after 5 years of relentless and non-stop barbaric attacks and massacres by Islamist terrorists and mercenaries, backed and armed by the empire and its pack of attack dogs.

But, apparently, the US isn’t done yet. They’re now about to bring in their loyal Saudi troops and mercenaries to finish the job of destroying the country, as was done to Iraq and Libya, which turned them into terrorists’ haven. Those liberals who oppose sending in US troops to Syria to topple the government and are instead advocating troops from Arab countries, are no better than their conservative counterparts in the Republican Party, who advocate sending American troops. Their approach is more stealthy and deceitful than the more open approach by Republicans; otherwise, both are equally vile and criminal and in violation of international laws. Obama has been most duplicitous in this regard, presenting another violent and illegal military intervention to bring down a sovereign government in Middle East as fighting the terrorist group ISIS, which ironically has been armed, supported and used by the US. The narrative has thus been cleverly changed from an illegal and criminal act of regime change to fighting terrorists who are hired and armed to do the regime change. The Democrats and liberals in and outside the US government who say “Let Arabic states send in ground troops” are thus no doves and peaceful angels. They’re just more deceitful and are trying to preempt and prevent an anti-war movement like the one in 2003, which brought millions of Americans out in the streets.

If there were to be any justice and consistency and if these same aggressions were committed by Nazi leaders during WWII, US leaders, as well as their allies, would have to be tried for acts of genocide and, following their own example that they themselves set in Nuremberg, they’d have to be hanged for these crimes. These may be harsh words, but it’s true. The American people must wake up to the reality that their “exceptional” government is exceptionally corrupt and violent and the leader of s violent and criminal gang that has brutal Saudis and war criminal Israelis as members, a gang that kills and steals and orchestrates massacres and atrocities and fans the flames of terrorism in the region. 

From the time when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pronounced the US as “the biggest purveyor of violence in the world”, only one thing has changed in that regard: it’s become far more violent and barbaric and commits far more atrocities and devastating wars than in Dr. King’s time. 

US Preparing For Confrontation With Russia!

 Sputnik of Russia reported the other day that after the January 23 visit to Tehran of China’s President Xi Jinping, during which the two leaders signed more than a dozen agreements on economic and technological cooperation, American researcher and historian F. William Engdahl wrote for New Eastern Outlook: “What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third leg of what will become a genuine Eurasian Golden Triangle, of nations committed to peaceful economic development, is now in place”, “We’re seeing the emergence of a true Eurasian Golden Triangle with China, Russia and Iran as the three key points,” he emphasized.

“With the stated plan to route the Silk Road rail infrastructure to assist the mining of new gold for currency backing of the Eurasian member states, including now Iran with its significant own unexploited gold, the hyper-inflated, debt-bloated dollar system is gaining a formidable positive alternative, one committed to peace and development,” Mr. Engdahl concluded. 

This must worry the US. Not only because it threatens the hegemony of the dollar, but because they had totally different plans for Iran, namely regime change. 

Looking back at the events of the last 15 years (really the last 150 years, but especially the last 15 years), reveals an extremely aggressive US policy in Asia, Eastern Europe and the oil rich and strategically and geopolitically important Middle East, meant to completely reshape and reconfigure the region towards a total and unchallenged hegemony and control. The ultimate goal and the big prize, of course, after all the groundwork for it has been prepared, is no other than Russia herself, with its vast resources, especially natural gas and oil, as well as a huge market and source of cheap labor. 

The strategy seems to have involved a two pronged approach: topple uncooperative regimes in Middle East, Asia and Africa and take over the republics of the former Soviet Union neighboring Russia, especially Ukraine and bring in NATO weapons and troops, turning them into de facto US military bases, in order to surround Russia far away from the US soul, to neutralize and isolate it, and even intervene militarily, when the conditions are right. As Stephen F. Cohen told Sputnik, “during the last ColdWar our military presence ended in West Berlin. Now we are militarily right on Russia’s borders”. As the move on Russia continues, so does US wars in Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Despite all this US aggressive posturing and provocation, it’s the US that accuses Russia of “aggression”. And, as I alluded to it, that too is part of the plan.

This trend of endless wars, destabilizations and provocations didn’t happen by accident. Changing regimes and having NATO move in and set up military bases with heavy weapons and warships takes longtime planning; and when there is planning, there is strategic long term objectives being pursued. What also doesn’t happen by accident and requires deliberate planning, according to a general goal of world domination, is invasion and occupation for the purpose of toppling a government and installing a puppet, answerable to the empire. In fact, these things usually take many years of planning.

We can’t always know in advance what the long term plans of the rulers and planners of the empire are, but we can look back and piece together, connect the dots and try to make sense of the events when they show a pattern. When such events show a distinct pattern and trend, it would be naive and foolish of us to assume they’re unrelated random events, without any intent or planning behind them. This is not to suggest that everything that happens on the world scene is the work of and planned and executed by the US. That kind of obsessive and blind conspiratorial thinking is also foolish and lazy. It’s lazy because it replaces careful consideration of geopolitical facts and logic with simple generic answer: they did it, not too unlike the approach of the religious, who say God did it.

Sometimes, as events unfold, opportunities open up for the empire, which the rulers grab and make the most of, such as terror attacks used to galvanize the public for more wars and tighter control of the public at home, or a movement for democracy in an “unfriendly” nation used to try to overthrow it. What is clear, after considering all the US military, political and economic interventions in recent history, is a relentless drive towards complete and total world domination for Wall Street and other US multinational corporations. 

There are two things we must understand about power and hegemony: once set in motion and left to its devices, it always seeks to grow even stronger and seeks to control and dominate over more regions and more people and towards a complete world domination. Secondly, power and control is always ultimately about economics and has as its ultimate goal economic domination and enrichment. 

Such a strategy for world domination (for ever more profits and wealth), which was most clearly expressed by the “Strategy For New American Century” published by neocons in 1998, would naturally call for the attack on and defeat of any nation that dares stand in the way, and that’s exactly what that document called for. The pattern of US interventions, especially in Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe, precisely matches and follows the strategy called for in that paper. 

When you know and understand the strategy and can see the pattern of the actions as supporting and following that strategy, then we can no longer claim actions of the empire, such as the war in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the attack on Libya, the intervention and regime change in Ukraine or the war on Syria are isolated and unrelated events resulting from the whims and decisions of the current president. They rather point to a multigenerational trend of giant corporations driving to literally take over the world and in doing so drive the world towards ever more dangerous wars, destruction and mass murder on incredible scale. The logic of world domination for ever higher profits isn’t one that would be concerned about the world and its inhabitants, and is in fact totally blind to such things.

What we must ask is where this strategy is taking the world? And what’s its end point or final destination? What the rulers see as obstacles on their way presently, after destroying Iraq, Libya and Syria and killing hundreds of thousands of people and making them ungovernable is Iran, Russia and China and what they think when they think of them is war. Recently, on 7 November of last year, Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, named Russia and China as the US “enemies”. And, of course, Iran doesn’t even need mentioning. Hillary Clinton, running for president as a Democrat, never misses an opportunity to call Iran an enemy and a terrorist state and she’s not alone. She recently called for establishing a “no-fly zone” in Syria, despite Russia’s active presence there, which would basically mean declaring war on Russia, at least in the Syrian theater. The US Secretary of Defense calling the two nuclear powered countries the enemy is indeed serious and ominous. But, it’s not just talk, either. In a speech before the Economic Club of Washington, Mr. Carter said on Tuesday that the 2016 Pentagon budget for its European military contingent is going to quadruple from $789 million to $3.4 billion, ostensibly to prepare for future conflicts with an “aggressive” Russia. And this is under a Democratic president!

Why one must ask. Neither Russia, nor China, nor Iran is threatening to attack the US; they don’t even come anywhere near the US, unlike the US whose warships routinely patrol China’s shores; has military bases all around Iran, maintains economic sanctions against it, has targeted its nuclear facilities with cyberattacks and assassinated four of its nuclear scientists a few years ago; is taking over and arming Russia’s neighbors and bringing in NATO forces and points its guns at them at close range and placing military bases right at their border. They also aren’t the ones invading and occupying countries and taking over their oil or participating in genocide against Palestinians. They also aren’t arming Wahhabi terrorists and mercenaries and sending them into sovereign nations in order to overthrow their government. So, why are Russia, China and Iran enemies? Because they’re seen as undermining the power and control of the empire and as obstacles for achieving complete and undisputed world domination for US corporations, just as the “Strategy For New American Century” prescribed. Threfore, what US planners envision is a confrontation with Russia and China (in addition to Iran) and they feel they need to begin preparing the public for it. As Einstein said, you can’t simultaneously prepare for war and work for peace. You get what you plan and prepare for.

Why do they insist on a unipolar world order, where they and their allies alone control the world, you might ask. Because capitalism in its most advanced stage can’t be content with only some parts of the world to exploit. Capitalism, by nature, requires growth of profits. When profits stagnate, new cheap resources and markets must be found, taken over and exploited. Therefore, it can’t share the world with others who peacefully compete with the empire and don’t toe the empire line.

One might wonder here: they can’t be that crazy. Right? Don’t they realize they can destroy the world? History, fortunately (maybe I should say unfortunately), gives us the answer. Didn’t the ruling classes of the European countries realize what they were doing when they dragged the world through two world wars, the last of which ended up causing the death of 40 million people? The vast majority of those who were sacrificed and suffered so much never even stood to benefit from the spoils that the capitalists of the competing countries were fighting over. So, it has happened before and someone like Hillary Clinton would have no problem starting it again.

But, understanding the current world situation and dangers isn’t enough. To paraphrase Karl Marx, the point isn’t to explain current history and geopolitics, but to change it.

Is Bernie Sanders Leading a “Political Revolution”?

Bernie Sanders says he’s leading a “political revolution” against the Wall Street and billionaires who have a tight grip on Washington and are getting richer and richer, while working families are struggling. This might have been believable and his candidacy worth supporting had the US been a tiny island isolated from the rest of the world minding its own business and its corporations all contained within the nation’s borders. Of course, even then, it would be naive and foolish to think that without changing the conditions that allowed the corporations to grow too big and powerful, in the first place, we wouldn’t once again end up where we’re at now. Accumulation of capital is built into capitalism and is inescapable. That’s the whole point in capitalism. The purpose of “investment” in a capitalist society is to grow the capital and as it grows, it finds more ways to grow even more. And it goes without saying that in a society where making money is the focal point and the measure of success and the means of achieving fulfillment and where everything is commoditized and can be bought, including influence, favors, resources and even friendship and respect, accumulated wealth provides the capitalist the power to accelerate his wealth accumulation, which becomes not the means to anything in particular, but the end in and of itself. Capital accumulation in capitalism is both the means and the end and takes on an obsessive character. Someone with tens of billions of dollars can never spend his money on things and services that would give him comfort or pleasure fast enough to keep it from growing; yet, he will diligently see to it that it continues to grow, at all cost, including firing workers who try to unionize or who seek a raise of 20 cents an hour. Any interruption or barrier in the growth of his profits will be cause for concern and motivation to seek new markets, cheaper labor and cheaper material or less overhead, such as taxes, environmental protection costs, workers’ safety costs, etc., which drives many companies into less developed countries, where the rate of profit is higher, and can be kept higher through political and military intervention.

You can take on giant corporations as a candidate for office, but even if you’re so principled that they can’t buy you, they’ll never run out of people whom they CAN buy to stop you, and if you manage to win the elections, against all odds, including against the obstacles thrown at you within your own corporate party, they will render you ineffective, once in office, and will seek ways to remove you. So, speaking of “political revolution” without touching the economic system that leads to the political situation we’re in now is exercise in futility and this of course is assuming that Bernie Sanders is sincere and genuinely means what he says. 

But, as I said, his challenging of the big banks and their political power might still have been something to consider supporting, had the US been an isolated island with only domestic companies operating strictly within the US, instead of being a part of and leading a global empire with tentacles spread all over the world, with hundreds of military bases and an expansive global network of hired mercenaries, servile governments, secret prisons, non-governmental organizations and spy and intelligence apparatus, engaged in endless wars, regime changes, bombings, assassinations and diplomatic, political and economic coercion. To claim to want to limit the domestic power and influence of giant multibillion dollar transnational corporations without saying anything about the actions, plans and goals of their empire that’s destroying entire nations and committing mass murder and pushing the world towards destruction, not only seems naive, but also smells of disingenuousness. It’s hard to believe that the connection between the domestic power and influence of these corporations and their international deeds and functions would be lost on a politician who has served in the government of these corporations for over 30 years, going along with almost everything that’s led us where we are.

Sanders doesn’t talk about foreign policy much, but the few things that he does say is quite revealing. He, like Obama and other servants of the empire in government and media, speaks of US troops fighting overseas as “fighting for our freedom”, “so we can be free” or “serving us” or “serving our country”, instead of the truth, which is that they fight for the same class of billionaires that he claims to want to disempower. Are we then supposed to believe him? But, he’s not just words, either. No. He puts his money where his mouth is (or shall I say the mouth of the corporations) by voting to fund empire’s wars on the poor of the world, as well as Israel’s occupation, ethnic cleansing and genocide against Palestinians. He also supports Obama’s drone attacks, the surveillance of US citizens, punishing of whistle blowers, the “war on terror” and intervention in Syria and elsewhere. He also backed the attack on Libya, as he did President Clinton’s war on Yugoslavia and others. Are we supposed to overlook all that and make ourselves believe we’re supporting a “political revolution”? 

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe and support many of his domestic ideas, such as free universal healthcare for all, free education, raising the minimum wage, etc. And, unlike Hillary Clinton, who will say anything to be president, he probably does mean it when he says he wants to reform the criminal justice system that’s racist and corrupt. But, you can’t leave the war industry intact and maintain the corporate empire and its destruction of the world, including its genocide in Palestine and call it a “revolution”. That’s because domestic policies are inseparable from foreign policies.  

It also seems hypocritical to try to win some concessions from multinational corporations to improve the living conditions of the American workers, while supporting the massacres and destruction committed in Middle East, Africa and Asia, that’s meant to make those same corporations bigger and their billionaire share holders richer. So, yes, we must try to win concessions from the ruling class of billionaires for working families and the poor, such as free universal healthcare, free education and higher wages, but we must not be deluded about the economic system we’re dealing with and what and who it would really take to turn things around.

Exploiting the Current Anti-Muslim sentiment in US and Europe, Netanyahu Tries to Link Palestinians to Islamist Terrorism to Garner Support for Its Policy of Extermination


After years of virtual silence about the continued Israeli settlement building on occupied Palestinian land and their non-stop home demolitions, harassment, beatings, extrajudicial killings, home raids, arrests, incarceration and torture of Palestinians, including children, that has intensified since last September, accelerating the long running genocide and extermination, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, finally broke his silence in his address to the Security Council meeting last Tuesday and criticized Israel for continuing to build settlements on occupied Palestinian land and its violent crackdown on Palestinians who resist, adding that “it’s human nature to resist occupation”, although, he did also say that both sides should refrain from acts of terror. In response, “Prime Minister” of the Zionist entity occupying Palestine, Benyamin Netanyahu, said that the UN chief was encouraging terrorism, instead of condemning and trying to root it out.

Calling Palestinians’ legitimate and natural resistance to the bloody and cruel occupation, ethnic cleansing and all the atrocities and oppression that they’ve been subjected to for almost 70 years, terrorism, is nothing new and is to be expected from the occupiers. What is noteworthy, however, is that since the terror attacks of 9/11/2001 on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, which gave the US its pretext for endless imperialist wars in the name of “war on terror” and for categorizing the two strongest nations in the Middle East that Israel considered a threat, namely, Iraq and Iran, as part of an “axis of evil”, Israel grabbed and used the opportunity to link Palestinian resistance to Islamist terrorism, using the fact that the majority, though not all, Palestinians happen to be Muslim. The US “war on terror” gave them the excuse to group Palestinians fighting for their freedom and dignity against a most powerful occupation force, with Islamist Wahhabi terrorists exported, financed and armed by Saudi Arabia, which ironically is allied with US and Israel, terrorists who are supported and used by the US and its allies, including the Saudis, Israelis and Turks to help overthrow governments that they deem unfriendly and uncooperative towards the empire’s plans for world domination. 

A colonial settler and apartheid state founded on terror and mass murder, a state which perpetrates terror in the true sense of the word against the occupied people of Palestine in an effort to drive them out of their ancestral land, on a daily basis, a state which allies itself with Saudi Kings who fund and export Islamist terrorists, calls Palestinians terrorists and accuses Iran of supporting terrorism. 

Netanyahu tries to exploit the sentiment in US and Europe against terrorism, which is the blowback from US policy of using terrorists towards their geopolitical ends, to invoke hatred of Palestinian resistance fighters and criticizes the UN chief for encouraging terrorists by criticizing Israel. For Israel, however, fighting terrorism means killing and displacing Palestinians and pushing for war against Iran, as they did against Iraq and Syria. In a way, they try to justify their real terror against a defenseless occupied people by accusing their victims of committing acts of terror. It couldn’t have gotten any stranger or more outrageous.

There was a time when speaking of the Holocaust and the ways and means of the Nazis and their genocide against European Jews seemed to help the Zionist cause by invoking sympathy and guilt. Now, however, reminding people of the Naxis’ attempt at exterminating the Jewish people seems to work against Israel, as it reminds people of the strange and uncanny similarity between Zionists and Nazis and that’s something Israelis would rather not mention. A chief Israeli rabbi recently did however remind us of that similarity by saying that Israel must not leave a single Palestinian alive. And, he’s not the only Israeli who says that. Israeli government officials, including members of the ruling Likud Party and ministers have expressed similar wishes. 

Israel’s terrorism being committed in the name of fighting terrorism is also not unlike invaders, occupiers and mass murderers of the past, including the Nazis. Nor is Israel alone in that. The US blows up entire wedding parties and funerals using unmanned drones in the name of fighting terror. It bombs hospitals and kills doctors and nurses in the name of fighting terrorism. The truth is that terrorism is invariably committed by the occupiers, not the occupied. The occupied can only resist the terror of the occupier. The terror that must be stopped is that of the occupiers, usurpers and mass murderers. 

Occupiers often find it “necessary” to exterminate the occupied. They would rather kill every single subject of their occupation than end their occupation that gives rise to resistance. Exterminating an occupied people who won’t stop resisting is the logical and natural end result of occupation and that’s exactly where the situation in occupied Palestine is headed. But, we’re not completely helpless. The BDS movement is slowly but surely making an impact. That’s why Hillary Clinton promises to fight it if elected as president with everything that a US president can muster. Our goal should also be clear. Support the BDS movement to the best of our ability, not only for the sake of Palestinians, but all of humanity.

Sarah Palin Promises Trump Will “Kick ISIS’ Ass”

I feel bad for Sarah Palin. During her endorsement speech for Donald Trump, she angrily and with a frustrated and exacerbated voice screamed that Trump would “kick ISIS’ ass”. She, like so many other uninformed and misled Americans who get their news from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC (when they’re not watching reality TV about the Kardashians) are totally clueless about US foreign policy. Most reporters, who are given the “news” to read on TV, aren’t very different from the likes of Sarah Palin in their grasp of real US policies. But, their bosses are. The CEO’s of the large corporations that own the networks or newspapers do understand the real US goals and objectives in the world and know what to tell and not to tell people.

Sarah Palin and millions of Americans did believe Obama’s lie about wanting to annihilate ISIS (or ISIL, as Obama calls it). So, they can only conclude that he’s not able to. They forget that it’s not Obama himself who directs US pilots or special operations forces in Syria, but the US military whose leaders and generals and even rank and file don’t change from one president to the next. Obama’s incompetence, even if we believe is true, would play no role and would have no effect on the outcome of US operations. If US policy were to destroy ISIS, it’d make no difference if the president were Romney, Trump, McCain, Obama or Clinton or even Sarah Palin, herself. The degree to which they are successful hardly depends on who tells them to do it from the White House.

The problem is: that’s not what the US policy is. The US and its allies have armed and funded the ISIS to help them overthrow the Syrian government. Even if we ignore or deny the fact that the CIA was involved in arming Syrian “rebels” at the Turkish-Syrian border, which even New York Times reported on (June 14, 2014), US allies, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, would not arm ISIS terrorists without the US approval. when I write that such governments like Turkey or Israel or Saudi Arabia would not engage in acts that affect or impact and are consequential to US policies and objectives without US green light, someone always asks me how I know that and if I have any proof for it. That question itself speaks volumes of how much Americans have been in the dark about US politics and policies. That’s like asking how I know and if I have any proof that US police departments are racist.

When Russia finally intervened in Syria, after naively waiting (for far too long) to see if the US does indeed fight the ISIS and after it was convinced that the answer is negative, the US began complaining about their attacks on ISIS, instead of welcoming them. They complained that Russians are bombing the “moderate opposition” forces, even though their own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), among others, concluded that “there are no moderates among the opposition in Syria”. Faced with that criticism, Russians told the US, okay, you give us the coordinates of ISIS forces as you know them and their location and we’ll bomb them to avoid bombing your “moderates”, to which the US replied “no”, with a tortuous explanation that sounded like coming from someone on the other end of a phone line with a very bad connection. At the end of that broken speech, we could only hear this revealing piece and I quote: “Russia’s objectives in Syria are different from ours”! Aha! I see!

Russians approached the US and said let’s agree on protocol not to engage each other’s bombers and after some contemplating, the US said okay. But, what they didn’t say is that their allies weren’t part of that agreement. When Russia’s bombers began dismantling ISIS oil facilities and operations, which was their source of income, which they earned by selling the stolen oil to Turkey for half its market value, Turkey, with the approval from Washington, shot down a Russian plane over Syria. For the US, that was meant as a warning to Russia. Nevertheless, Russia did not bow out and only months after its intervention, ISIS lost significant ground and was forced to largely flee Syria and look for hiding places in neighboring countries.

Sarah Palin should be angry at Obama, but not because he somehow couldn’t “destroy” ISIS, as he promised to do. She should be angry at him for not wanting to destroy them. Actually, she shouldn’t be angry at him for that, either, because it wasn’t really his call. It was and is that of the empire, the military industrial complex that continues to implement its long term imperial plans, regardless of who wins the presidency. And after she’s done being angry, she should thank the Russians. 

Donald Trump and the Ruling Political Establishment

We’d be remiss and miss an important opportunity not to ask what led up to the Donald Trump phenomenon and the fact that he is now the most likely nominee of the Republican Party for this year’s elections.

Decades of racist, pro-imperialist, pro-war and nationalistic fear mongering and propaganda by corporate media has created an uninformed and misled population, who readily buy into corporate lies, give their support to policies of endless wars, are easily incited with hatred for immigrants and other nationalities and races and vote against their own interests. Such brainwashing is needed to keep the population ignorant, compliant and hating those whom the state identifies as the enemy, in order to secure their acquiescence for wars and interventions that only benefit the tiny minority of super rich and go against the interests of the vast majority. Only through such misinformation and brainwashing can a state make people go against reason and logic and vote against their own interests.

At the same time, decades of stagnating wages and intensifying economic hardship for the working class, coupled with widespread racism and state induced nationalism, has led a significant portion of the white working class to place the blame for their deteriorating living conditions on immigrants and minorities. Racist and anti-immigrant sentiments among the white working class always go up at times of economic hardship and this period is no exception. 

On the other hand, the war mongering by the politicians and corporate media who have a vested interest in imperialist wars, coupled with the instability and terrorism such war policies cause or contribute to, have instilled an additional element of fear and resentment against Muslims in the population, which has also put fuel on the nationalistic, xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiments of the populace. Instead of blaming the real culprits, the misinformed tend to blame those who happen to be the most affected victims of the government policies. Instead of uniting with the most affected and victimized, they rally against them, letting greedy corporations and their war makers and profiteers off the hook. 

Racist, nationalistic and anti-immigrant movements of the white working class who rally behind an opportunist and racist individual who spews out hate is what ultimately leads to fascism. The ruling class may not want this and may not think this is in their best interest, at this particular time , but this is the monster they created, and the liberals and Democrsts aided and abetted and paved the way, every step of the way. Democrats and liberals who are now alarmed by and indignant at Trump’s hate speech and fear the possibility of his victory in general elections, have all been participants in building the foundation for this treacherous situation with their consistent betrayal of the working class and doing the bidding of corporations, their empire and their wars.  What is needed is an anti-racist, anti-war and anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist people’s movement to turn the tide and defeat the tyranny of corporate rule and its fascistic tendencies, not another Democrat presented as the lesser evil.

BDS: Is It Working?

The reaction of Zionists and Israel’s apologists to the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement, which has scored some significant victories in the last few years and is being felt by the colonial occupiers, is textbook and could have been predicted. As Gandhi said, first they ignore you, then they mock you, then they attack you and then you win. The movement has gone beyond the first two phases and is now in the critical third phase, which is when they attack you with everything they’ve got. 

The University of California system, which includes ten campuses throughout California, under the presidency of Janet Napolitano, has been trying to adopt the US State Department definition of antisemitism, which equates criticism of Israel with antisemitism. President Obama’s Stare Department adopted the language in 2010, which characterizes any speech perceived to “demonize,” “delegitimize,” or set a “double standard for Israel”, as antisemitic. According to the State Department website, “blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions,” “multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations,” and “denying Israel the right to exist” all qualify as expressions of anti-Semitism. So, not only are Palestinians supposed to recognize their occupiers’ “right to exist”, which means their right to occupy, but now, we, US citizens, are also expected to recognize “Israel’s right to exist”. I suppose it may even be okay to question the US’ right to exist, but Israel’s is not okay! The position also, in a way, demands that organizations can’t focus “on Israel only for peace or human rights”. In other words, organizations that deal with “peace or human rights” must focus on Palestinians, too, for violation of Israelis’ human rights; otherwise, they’ll be labeled antisemite with possible future consequences. 

Some have said that Israel is like the 51st state for the US. I disagree. I think it’s more than that. Millions of Americans living in all 50 states live in poverty, with no access to affordable healthcare, housing or education, which can’t be said about Israeli settlers. No US state acts as a reliable, permanent and statewide military base and as an arms depot dedicated to endless wars, occupations and regime changes throughout the Middle East, with a settler population that’s by necessity dedicated agents of imperialism and imperialist aggression and oppression.

But, the consciousness and awareness about the continuing genocide is on the rise throughout the world. Due to the student governing bodies’ resistance to the resolution presented to the UC Regents, which acts as its Board of Trustees, the resolution failed in October. Then, in November, Dick Blum, who is one of the regents and the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, a rabid Zionist, threatened the regents that his wife “would engage publicly and is prepared to be critical of this university, if we don’t have the kind of not only statement but penalties” for students who are found to be in violation of the new definition. Zionists would not go to such lengths if the boycott movement weren’t working. 

While this was going on last month, the students’ governing body at UC-Santa Cruz voted to divest from companies doing business in occupied Palestine. This came at the heels of a series of other recent victories for the movement, including the decision by the European Union to label products imported from illegal settlements, built on land occupied in 1967. Although, that move is far from enough and is indirectly validating the occupation of the rest of Palestine, it is a positive step. Also, some stores in Europe have begun boycotting Israeli products on their own, due to pressure by their customers. These are all due to the BDS movement.

I hear sometimes from some individuals that boycotting doesn’t work. What these individuals are doing, wittingly or unwittingly, is deny and undermine an important tool available to oppressed people everywhere in their struggle for social justice and freedom. This is one of the ways the political establishment tries to discourage us from participating in the boycott movement. Trying to make people think they’re powerless and nothing they do will ever change anything is one of the old methods used by ruling classes and oligarchies. But, here’s the thing: if they’re concerned and worried, then it means it’s working. If they’re discussing and strategizing and threatening us, then it means it’s working. If they’re attacking and misrepresenting us and are trying to undermine and discredit us and the movement, then it means it’s working. Some say the same thing about the Black Lives Matter movement, that it’s useless and nothing will ever change, denying the gains of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s, which used similar methods, including boycotting. The truth is: not only such grassroots movements and people’s direct actions do work and can make a difference, they’re the only way real change can be accomplished.

The other way that defenders of the apartheid regime try to dissuade us from joining the movement is by claiming that the boycott hurts the very people we’re trying to help, namely Palestinian workers who work for the businesses that we’re boycotting. This is the same criticism as that made by opponents of the abolition movement that claimed freeing the slaves working in the plantations in the South would hurt the slaves by taking away from them the livelihood that their masters were providing them with. 

Some ultra leftists even argue foolishly (if we can call such nonsense an argument) that if Palestinian workers don’t work for colonial occupiers, they’ll have to work for their own bourgeoisie, so what’s the use, they ignorantly ask. These so-called “leftists” (who in practice end up on the side of the rightists) have no concept of a movement for national liberation and self-determination. Such movements don’t even exist in their vocabulary. What they don’t understand is that there can’t be socialism which they call for, without national liberation and self-determination. 

The boycott is working and that should make us feel encouraged to double our efforts in support of the movement. Remember products that are made in Israel have a barcode that start with 729 and 871. 


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