The Tragedy Unfolding in Palestine

A tragedy and injustice of enormous magnitude is taking place in Palestine and the only reason it’s continuing without an end is because not enough people in the West, especially in the U.S., which is the main enabler of this unfolding catastrophe, know about it, and the little that they do know is what their corporate and Zionist media has told them, which without exaggeration, is all lies, and I don’t say that lightly. We all have heard that two peoples are fighting over the same piece of land, that this has been going on for ages, that it’s a clash of religions, and that there is no solution or at least an easy solution, etc. The “fairest” of such assessments, held by some liberals, puts the blame equally on “both sides” and holds that they both must make sacrifices and compromises for a lasting peace. Well, the truth is something entirely different, on all these accounts. One way to avoid a just solution, in fact, is to posit that there is no solution. That removes the burden of doing what’s right and just and dodges responsibility. One must ask herself or himself why is it that this “irreconcilable conflict” between two peoples took place only in Palestine. The fact is that a colonial settler state was established by occupying Palestine, through brute force, including mass killings and terror, by European Jews, using their political and military advantage, with the goal of ethnically cleansing Palestine, which was controlled by the British Empire at the time, of its Arab and other non-Jewish population, in order to create a “Jewish state”, which was and still is understood as for “Jews only”. The “Jewish state” was then to be settled by anyone from anywhere in the world who is a Jew or claims to be a Jew, in homes built by the state on land confiscated from non-Jewish Palestinians, after they have been evicted and made refugees and their homes have been demolished.

What’s important to understand is that there cannot be a settler state for a people of a particular ethnicity or religion, without serious and disastrous consequences for the people being evicted and displaced to cleanse the land and make room for settlers coming to settle on the land. The whole idea is racist and unjust and will by necessity and by purpose involve massacres, “targeted killings”, home raids, violent arrests, incarcerations, torture, home demolitions, military checkpoints, wall of separation and acts of resistance by the occupied that will give an excuse to the occupier to commit even more massacres, more detentions, more incarcerations and more atrocities. What should be clear is that the idea of Zionism is a racist idea, which tries to drive away one people to make room for another. This is the problem. This is what results in the killings and massacres and acts of resistance and even more massacres. What will end the “conflict” and killings is an end to ethnic cleansing and purposeful extermination of the Palestinian people. This is the root of all problems and this is what needs to stop.

Any ideology that prefers one group of people over another, and worse displaces one to settle another is unjust and will lead to atrocities, massacres and genocide. Such racist ideologies, if left unchecked, will lead to genocide. Genocide is the only conclusion of such racist ideas, if left to continue, and that’s exactly what’s taking place. I see no other way to end this catastrophe and genocide except by spreading the truth to as many people as possible, especially in the US, and urge them to boycott Israel.

The photo shows Israeli occupation Forces (IOF) moving an arrested Palestinian child to a military vehicle to take to prison. As reported many times by human rights organizations, Israel routinely arrests and tortures Palestinian children. There are currently hundreds of such children in Israel’s prisons. According to Palestinian Commission of Detainees, Israeli forces kidnapped 3755 Palestinian children in the last four years, including 1266 in 2014.

A Look at Our Friends and Foes Chosen For Us by Our Government

A government can say many things about itself. It can claim to be “exceptional”, with high moral values, tasked with helping other nations, on a mission from God to spread democracy and freedom around the world and much more. But if you’re really interested, as a citizen, to know the real character of your government, all you need to look at is whom it considers its friends and whom its foes. That alone will tell you all you need to know.

So, let’s see who are the close friends and allies of the U.S. and who its enemies. One of its closest allies is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where in 2014 alone, 87 people were beheaded at the order of its King, King Abdullah, who died the other day, similar to how ISIS kills its kidnapped captives. Any criticism of the Kingdom will subject the person to prison and lashes. A journalist who only criticized the government was sentenced to 10 years in prison and one thousand lashes. They only stopped whipping him because one more lash would have almost certainly killed him. A police officer who videotaped a recent beheading of a woman, was arrested and will probably be beheaded, too. The punishment for petty theft in the Kingdom is cutting off the arm. Bigger theft has the punishment of cutting off of both arms and legs. They also stone people to death in the case of infidelity or homosexuality. Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t even second class citizens. They’re treated like cattle owned by either their father or husband. They don’t even have the right to drive. They also are not recognized as the legal guardians of their own children. That right is entirely the husband’s.

Another close ally and friend of the U.S. is the racist and apartheid state of Israel that has for the last 67 years, been occupying and stealing Palestinian land, demolishing their homes, evicting and displacing them from their homes and settling those who are or claim to be Jewish on land cleansed of Palestinians. Non-Jews in Israel have no rights that the state is obliged to respect. They can’t own any property, must carry and show an ID and cannot use the same roads as the Jews. Millions of Palestinians have been driven from their homes into refugee camps where they live in squalid conditions without adequate clean water or services. Palestinians can’t go anywhere without going through military checkpoints, where they are stopped and searched and subjected to beatings and humiliation. Going through such military checkpoints often takes several hours or an entire day. Pregnant women have at times given birth at a checkpoint or suffered miscarriage. Palestinian homes are often raided and members of family taken without a charge or explanation and jailed where they are beaten and tortured or killed. Such charge less arrests and imprisonments are called “administrative detention”. Human rights organizations have reported on children as young as 13 years old being jailed and beaten or tortured. Every few years, Israel finds an excuse to conduct a massive attack on the defenseless Palestinian population of Gaza, using tanks, fighter jets, attack helicopters and navy vessels in what they call “mowing the lawn”. In the last such massacre, last August, they killed about 2000 Palestinians in Gaza, including 500 children, who had already been condemned to living under the Israeli siege which amounted to an open air prison with nowhere for people to go. The purpose of the siege was to starve them, or as the Israeli officials called it, to “put them on a diet”. Basically, what they’re doing is ethnic cleansing and displacement of an occupied people to make room for new settlements for foreign settlers, which is strictly and unequivocally prohibited by international laws. Israel is also in violation of several UN Security Council resolutions, despite the fact that the US has vetoed many more. Their actions against the indigenous Palestinian population is so egregious and inhuman and barbaric that the U.S. often stands alone or almost alone in the UN as the defender and protector of the apartheid Zionist state. Even its closest industrialized allies such as Britain, France, Germany, Canada and others often vote with the rest of the world in condemning their illegal actions, atrocities and massacres. Yet, the US government gives the settler state $3 billion every year, unconditionally, which is a staggering amount, considering its small population.

Other US allies include the most backward, dictatorial, medieval, Islamic fundamentalist kingdoms of the Persian Gulf, such as Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait , Yemen and others, each with a brutal dictator like in Saudi Arabia. Egypt is another ally where the military overthrew an elected government and established once again a military dictatorship and which arrests and jails for years any critic, including journalists. Same is in the Kingdom of Jordan, another dictator closely allied with the U.S. The U.S. and its allies, including Israel’s Prime Minister and other top Israeli officials, as well as the head of the Egyptian military dictatorship and the President of Turkey, another US ally, were among participants in the front line of the so called “March for freedom of expression” in Paris, after the terror arrack on Charlie Hebdo magazine! There could not have been a bigger show of hypocrisy.

Now, let’s see who the US considers among its enemies: Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay and Cuba. The difference between these and the group mentioned before is that the government in these countries place people’s needs over the profits of imperialist nations’ multinational corporations. And, with the exception of Cuba, they all have elected their presidents through elections, unlike US allies in Middle East. Even in Cuba, which doesn’t hold presidential elections, it’s the interests of the working people that the “dictatorship” protects not those of international banks and a small minority of super wealthy parasites and oppressors like in capitalist dictatorships. Compare the reaction of both the U.S. government and the corporate media to the death of the brutal Saudi Dictator-for-life, King Abdullah, who ordered beheadings and arm and leg amputations and forbids women from driving, to their reaction to the death of Venezuela’s democratically elected President, Hugo Chavez. That alone should tell you a lot.

None of this should come as a surprise. If a government represents the interests of the corporate oligarchy, which also owns all the mass media, as is the case in the US, it can try, using its vast propaganda machine, to portray itself as the protector of democracy and freedom in the world and claim to be a gift to humanity from God – which would be true if humanity were defined as the class of billionaires alone – but it cannot escape some naked truths that are out there for everyone who is interested to see.

You don’t have to be an economist to see. For example, how banks that make fraudulent loans, which they know are a time bomb, get bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, causing huge deficits, which working people have to pay and make up for and suffer its consequences by losing jobs, benefits and social services. You don’t have to understand how imperialist countries such as the US, Britain, Germany, France and others, whose banks cause economic mayhem by extending bad loans, impose huge debts with high interest rates on poorer nations, such as Greece, using the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, in order to bail out the giant international banks that caused the problems in those countries, in the first place, that the working people end up paying the price for, with back breaking “austerity measures”, making them even poorer and keeping them poor, while making billionaires bankers even richer. And, you don’t have to understand the politics of militarism and endless wars, under the pretext of “war on terror”, or how imperialism helped create much of the terror groups operating today in Middle East to undermine governments it finds undesirable to realize that there is something fundamentally wrong here. Just look at how one by one, the U.S. and its allies topple governments, making formerly secular and stable nations ungovernable, which then attracts Islamist terrorists, who fill the vacuum and provide the pretext for even more wars. They did that in 1980’s in Afghanistan to cause the overthrow of a secular pro-Soviet government, by helping to bring to power the Taliban, whom they later went to war with in 2001, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They completely destroyed Iraq, replacing the secular and stable state with a fundamentalist Shia government and making it ungovernable, which drew in opportunist terror groups. They did it again in Libya and they’re trying to do it in Syria, where they armed and funded Islamist Jihadists and terrorists, including ISIS, among others, with the help of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other Gulf states, in order to overthrow yet another secular and stable government. Is there any wonder there are terrorists wreaking havoc in the region? Is there any wonder there is no stability which the US says it wants, when all it’s done and is doing is destabilizing the region, bringing to power Islamists and creating chaos which gives the US more reasons for war?

You don’t have to consider any of that. As I said, just look who the friends and foes of the US are. That alone will tell you enough.

US Mourns the Death of a Barbaric Dictator

What’s disgraceful about the monarchy of Saudi Arabia isn’t just its medieval, reactionary and misogynist leaders like King Abdullah who died yesterday at the age of 90 and his brother who is in line to take the throne, or the beheadings that they do everyday for punishment, including of their political opponents, or how they treat women, not even allowing them to drive. All that is disgraceful, despicable and revolting in this 21st Century, and to be expected of such backward, corrupt and despotic religious fundamentalists, who sell their vast amount of oil to support their lavish and wasteful lifestyle and use billions of dollars of the proceeds to spread the most extreme and fundamentalist branch of Islam called Wahhabi, which is the driving ideology behind groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. That too is disgraceful. But, what’s even more disgraceful and despicable is the US government that considers such reactionary despotic and fundamentalist criminals their close ally in the region, along with other despots like the King of Jordan or General Al Sissi of Egypt, who overthrew an elected government and established a military dictatorship and who kills and tortures his opponents and jails journalists. It really is disgraceful how the U.S. sells billions of dollars of weapons to such dictatorships and criminal regimes like Saudi Arabia and turns a blind eye on how they fund terror groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, which end up killing Americans and other Westerners. It’s disgraceful how the U.S. joins forces with such reactionary despots to undermine and overthrow governments they find unhelpful with their plans for world domination for their multinational corporations.

President Obama only had praise for King Abdullah on the occasion of his death yesterday because he cooperated with Washington, not so much in “the war on terror” that the President speaks of and that President Bush and Cheney before him spoke of – Saudi leaders have contributed to terrorism, not acted against it – but because he cooperated with the U.S. imperialism to advance “US interests”, which of course means the interests of US multinational corporations.

King Abdullah, whom CNN and other corporate news outlets can’t stop admiring, was a major contributor to the barbaric Jihadis of ISIS, which the US has declared war on. And while ISIS fighters were only massacring the Syrian people, the US was okay with them and their barbaric beheadings because, like Saudi Arabia, the US too found the Syrian government undesirable and wanted it gone. The US fight against ISIS started only after they became a threat to “US interests”. Compare the treatment of US corporate media of such a despicable despot as King Abdullah with their treatment of Fidel Castro or the late Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, who didn’t cooperate with US corporate Empire to enrich US billionaires. There is of course no comparison. And, while we’re on the topic of US “friends” in Middle East, how can we forget the colonial settler state of Israel, which using US taxpayers’ money and the full support of US government, is committing ethnic cleansing and genocide against the occupied and defenseless people of Palestine? King Abdullah had no problem with that, either.

A barbaric misogynist despot who for geopolitical and economic reasons was a close US ally is dead and the corporate media and the corporate President only have kind words to say about him. Imperialism has absolutely no shame, no decency and no humanity. Their God is money and money knows no such unnecessary niceties as shame, decency or humanity.

Bill Maher and Free Speech

Bill Maher isn’t just an Islamophobe and a misogynist, but also an idiot. He calls those who try to get Rush Limbaugh off the air “babies” who “don’t get free speech”. But apparently, he gets it. He lectures liberals that being liberal means tolerating all kinds of stupid shit thrown at people, including racist, xenophobic, misogynist garbage and total lies and misinformation, broadcast on public airwaves, in the name of “free speech”. We, as people, apparently should not have a say as to what gets sent into our living rooms. Anyone who objects and tries to change that is a little baby and doesn’t understand free speech. If you order food and instead, day after day, get harmful junk that makes you sick, you’d object, or try to change that, but I suppose receiving false information and poisonous ideas and lies and prejudices fed into our and our children’s brains is okay.

But, Bill Maher is right about one thing: trying to get Rush Limbaugh off the air is a “liberal” thing. The reason liberals target Limbaugh is because he’s the most offensive, not because he’s different, in any real or fundamental way, from all the others who spew all kinds of racist, xenophobic and misogynist rants and lies and participate in the brainwashing of the people, everyday. He’s singled out, because he goes too far even for liberals and crosses their line of sensibility and sensitivity. But, Bill Maher proudly proclaims that he’s the true liberal because he has no such demarcation line. For him, everything goes, in the name of “free speech”.

Now, why do I call him an idiot and what’s wrong with “free speech”? Because there is no such thing. Speech that can be heard by thousands and millions of people isn’t free, at all. In fact, it’s quite expensive and only big corporations with big money can afford to purchase mass media outlets that can reach so many people and hire racist, homophobic, Islamophobic idiots and liars like Limbaugh, O’Reily, Hannity and Bill Maher and through them broadcast their own opinions and mindset to millions of people, including the very idea that anyone with the kind of money that takes to own Newscorp, Time Warner, HBO or others, should have the ability and authority to broadcast their ideas to the population, even though only a very tiny section of the population can do that and naturally they would propagate and promote only the ideas and ideology of that tiny minority, shaping the society’s culture and groupthink, which is anathema to the principles of democracy, which Bill Maher prides himself to possess.

I don’t try to get Limbaugh off the air, because I don’t think the problem is any one individual talkshow host; rather, I believe the problem is systemic, as in the system, that allows and produces such disparity, absence of democracy and propagation of lies, disinformation and brainwashing, which Mr. Maher himself is a part of. Case in point: he got to say to tens of thousands in his last HBO show, and thousands more read on the Internet, his idea of “free speech”, which he “gets”, not necessarily because his ideas are the right ones, but because he happens to be hired for big bucks by a corporation, which has no problem with what he says and which expects him to say the “right” things. I’m sure he remembers all too well how he got fired in 2001, by a big corporation with the “right” to “free speech”, which was not free and on the contrary was quite expensive, for not saying the right thing, meaning the line of the corporation. He realized then that “free speech” for him wasn’t quite the same as for the corporation that hired him. And precisely because their “free” speech had been paid for, it gave them the authority to stop Mr. Maher’s own “free speech”, which we, as well as Mr. Maher himself realized he didn’t have, after all. So, for him to forget that corporate and powerful part of that equation is quite ironic.

Now, I called him an idiot, but I have to qualify that. People like Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh, with whom he has more similarities than most liberals would admit, are products of a profit based system, who learn how to sell themselves to the corporate world to become “successful”. It’s a “win-win situation”, as they, from Wolf Blitzer to Rev. Al Sharpton and from the NPR reporters to PBS broadcasters all serve the corporations with their propaganda needs. As for the rest of us, we only hear about that elusive “free speech” and get to adopt their ideas of what it even is.

How Do You Spell “hypocrisie” in French?

After repeated killings of unarmed innocent black men by racist white police in several cities in the U.S. engendered a national movement against police brutality and helped raise consciousness among people about the issue, the police and their supporters within the government were put on the defensive. Then, a deranged individual killed two police officers in Statin Island, NY, and suddenly the police found the opportunity to go on the offensive and push back against the protesters, even going as far as turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio during his eulogy for the killed officers for having criticized the police for choking unarmed Eric Garner to death for which no one was indicted.

A similar thing happened on 9/11 of 2001, when a terrorist attack on the US put an end to “anti-globalization” protests against IMF, World Bank and neoliberal policies of the West, and gave the US a blank check to begin its endless wars, attack civil liberties at home and increase the level and breadth of its surveillance against its population.

What happened in Paris a week ago was even more similar to the terror attacks of 9/11 and its aftermath. After Israel massacred over 1200 defenseless people in Gaza, more than 500 of them children, awareness of the US/Israeli genocide in Palestine rose significantly in the World, including in Europe and anti-Zionist sentiment reached new heights. Then, some deranged individuals attack an Islamophobic pro-Israel publication and kill 12 of its staff and once again everything changes. The Zionist French media and political leadership go on the offense against pro-Palestine activists in France, arresting many, including a popular comedian, on charges of being antisemite and pro terrorism, not because of anything they did, but because of things they said! And this happened ironically and amazingly right after the entire French government led a “march for freedom of expression”, to defend the right of the Islamophobe magazine to say anything they want about Islam and Muslims! Apparently, the “March for freedom of expression” was not for those who criticize Israel. For them, there is a completely different standard. For them, speaking against Israel is hate speech and aiding terrorism which is a punishable crime!

Good luck improving your relations with the Muslim world France!

Je ne suis pas Charlie!

IMG_4539.JPGI don’t support the assassination of the staff of a magazine, no matter how racist or prejudiced it is against a group of people. But, I also don’t support a magazine that mocks any group of people for their religion, especially if it’s one sided and focuses on one particular group of people, and especially if the target of its mockery are people against whom there already is too much prejudice and discrimination, which is the case with Muslims in Europe and specifically in France.

I don’t support a magazine that’s owned and controlled by a Zionist neocon who supports Israel and fires a cartoonist (Sine) on charges of anti semitism for being against Israel.

I also don’t support a sham and hypocritical “March for freedom of expression”, whose attendees, in front lines, include mass murderers like Benjamin Netanyahu, Al Sissi and Erdogan and European leaders, who for the sake of economic and strategic interests of large capital and greedy bankers that they represent and serve, maintain relations with the Zionist entity that commits genocide against the defenseless people of Palestine.

I also don’t support the racist and xenophobic atmosphere that these hypocritical leaders are creating so they can take away real freedom of expression in the name of “freedom of expression”. French authorities are now arresting people for posting their opinions on Facebook on charges of supporting terrorism. Clearly, the French political establishment is taking advantage of the xenophobic and racist atmosphere to attack freedom of expression, right after marching “for freedom of expression”. Clearly, a reactionary situation has been created, just as it happened in the U.S. after the attacks of 9/11, which U.S. imperialism took the most advantage of to attack people’s civil liberties and start new “endless” wars of imperial conquest. The same phenomenon is now taking place in France and the French imperialism is taking the most advantage of it.

So, no; je ne suis pas Charlie!

What’s the War Between the West and Islamists All About? A Political Economic and Historical Analysis

This is one of those times when changes are taking place that will have far reaching consequences, and unfortunately none so good. The French Parliament voted yesterday 488 to 1 in favor of extending its bombing campaign against ISIS targets. Members of the Parliament also stood and sang the French national anthem, as a show of national unity, defiance and patriotism. According to BBC, this week’s edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that provoked and was the target of a terror attack the other day in Paris that killed 12 of its staff, which Al-Qaida in Yemen took responsibility for today, printed a new cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign, meant as a sign of defiance. 5 million copies were reportedly printed and were quickly sold out. Anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise in Europe and France and other European governments are soon going to have their own “Patriot Acts” much like the one implemented in the US after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Meanwhile, a Muslim cleric in Pakistan held a prayer praising the Paris terrorists and called them heroes.

Is there a disconnect here?Obviously, but it isn’t between societies of the so called West and people of Asia and Middle East, or between Christianity and Islam, or West and East. Nor is the so called conflict a “clash of civilizations”, or a clash between the civilized and the uncivilized, which is what’s really meant by “clash of civilizations”, or between those who value life, supposedly those in the West, and those in the East, who supposedly don’t.

As absurd as such claims are, they do have their uses in propaganda and often do come handy. After one of the many U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan that killed an entire family, including women and children, which was first denied by US authorities and admitted to only after it was exposed by revealing photos of the dead children, a U.S. General claimed that Afghans burn their own children so they can blame it on the U.S.! During the Israeli massacre of the defenseless people of Gaza last August, when over 1200 people and more than 500 Palestinian children were killed, Israeli officials, including the “Prime Minister”, claimed that Palestinians use their children as human shield and want high casualty rates to discredit Israel.

Claims of cultural or moral superiority on the basis of valuing life, however, are really hard to sustain by imperialist powers of the West and their vicious attack dog, Israel, whose war criminal “Prime Minister” Netanyahu was among those who rallied in Paris in defense of “freedom of expression”! Facts are just not on their side. The colonial and imperialist powers of Europe, the U.S. and their Zionist ally have killed far greater number of people than all Islamist groups put together in all human history. In fact, Israel in its last military operation in Gaza, killed far more people than Islamists have killed of Westerners since 2001. The U.S. alone has killed far more people, mostly Muslims, since 2001, than were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And if you count the number of people the Western powers have killed, including by the Nazis in WWII and by the U.S. since WWII, Islamists will have to kill for hundreds of thousands of years at the rate they are now to catch up! But that’s not likely to happen thanks to US and Israeli killing machines which show no sign of slowing down. So, you see, arguments of “clash of civilizations” or “Judeo-Christian” or “Anglo-Saxon” moral superiority or that the Western societies have a more peaceful religion and are therefore more peaceful than Muslims are quite baseless.

So, yes, there is a disconnect, but the disconnect is where Western imperialist leaders don’t like to talk about. The disconnect is the brutal exploitation of the people of Asia, Africa and Middle East by Western imperialism and the wars, oppression and repression that go along with it. Now, I’m not going to get into all the military coups, assassinations, regime changes, bombings, invasions, wars and propping up of puppet and murderous dictatorships that Western imperialism has brought onto the people of the underdeveloped world for so many decades, stealing their resources and keeping them under tyranny and in poverty, while simultaneously touting their own “democratic” and “moral” values to keep their own populations in the dark as to their real objectives and means. Suffice it to mention, just as an example among many others, the utter devastation they brought on to the People of Iraq, Libya and now Syria, where Western countries, specifically the US, Britain and their puppet allies in Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf kingdoms, caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people and displacement of two million people in order to topple the Syrian government, which they want overthrown, after toppling the governments in Bagdad and Tripoli and making them ungovernable and imposing debilitating sanctions on Iran, which is also in their target list, after they get done with Syria. And guess whom they gave arms, money and training to enable the regime change in Syria? The ISIS; that’s whom.

As were Americans after the 9/11 attacks, now people of Europe are being incited with xenophobic and patriotic sentiments against Muslims and are being misled – once again – to give their approval to more wars as a result, and quietly also to giving up their civil liberties, just as it happened in the US. It’s been said that that’s exactly what the terrorists want, that they want the West to escalate their wars and limit their people’s freedoms. I’ll get to what the terrorists really want shortly, but, it’s not hard to know what the corporate leaders heading Western governments want. What they want is precisely what they end up getting as a result of such incidents and provocations: more military engagements and what usually goes along with more militarism, taking away people’s civil liberties and their rights to privacy. Maybe the terrorists also want these same things or maybe they don’t, but I challenge anyone to show that that’s not what the 1% of imperialist countries in Europe and the US want. The reason they want that is because it frees them to do what’s profitable for them. Wars are usually profitable, but that’s not the only reason they’re waged. They’re also waged for strategic and longer term reasons: to create conditions that will allow sustaining and expansion of corporate profits.

Sociopathic leaders of terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS, just like the Sociopathic leaders in the West, also seek power and wealth and to achieve it, they too resort to violence, terror, bullying, deception and brainwashing of their believing followers, as do their counterparts in the West. What’s different isn’t the true nature of what they do or their goals, but rather their means, tools, methods and tactics. Terrorism itself is nothing but a tactic and means for achieving the end result that’s being sought. Just as it is for imperialist powers and the billionaire capitalists behind them, the object and therefore the war these terror groups wage against the West is over territory and the control of resources within, in order to achieve and exert their power and influence, which ultimately, after all the talk of ideology and values and beliefs and religion, is about economics. Just as the wealthy and powerful capitalists of the West resort to wars of conquest and terror to expand their sphere of control and wealth building, so do these terrorist groups. Just as Western capitalists try to incite hatred among their population towards their enemies to win their approval for wars they wage and killings they commit, so do these terror groups against them by focusing on Westerners’ different religion, which they use as the invalidating feature and as what’s wrong or undesirable about them, which they use as their pretext for their hostility and confrontation. Religion thus becomes the reason and pretext for the war they wage, as well as, the rallying point for forging and continuing the fight by recruiting new followers.

The purported purpose of organizations like ISIS is to create an Islamic Caliphate so they can rule according to a particular extremist and most fundamentalist branch or interpretation of Islam called Wahhabi, advocated incidentally by the close U.S. ally Saudi Arabia which has spent billions of dollars over the years promoting it. But, the key word here is “rule”. How and according to what ideology or system of governance they want to rule is secondary. Whatever the nature of that rule or governance, what’s clear is that those who try to create it through sheer force and brutality want a piece of the action, which puts them head to head against the Western imperial powers, which have a claim over the entire world and have shown no less propensity and willingness to use all means necessary, including violence, terror and wars to keep and expand their sphere of influence and control for their own economic interests. This challenge against the colonialists and imperialists of the West, who in the last couple hundred years have rubbed entire continents blind, have kept billions of people in poverty, engaged in two catastrophic world wars over who gets what piece of the world, showing no hesitation to use any level of force needed to maintain their rule and accumulate wealth, is welcomed by many living in impoverished and repressive countries who have been subjected to tyranny and repression brought on by the West. This is despite these groups’ own brutal ways. In fact, their fearless and take-no-prisoner approach is seen by many as a sign of strength and resolve. It’s not necessarily their fundamentalist Wahhabi beliefs that are attractive to some, but the fact that they are a challenge to the rule of Western imperialism.

This of course isn’t the first challenge imperialism has had to deal with. The last was that of the secular anti capitalist left which the U.S. and its allies decimated, creating the void for Islamists to rise up and fill. Although the supporters of such groups express their grievances against the West and see the battle in terms of religious differences, which incidentally is also not so different from many in the West, religion itself isn’t really the issue, as it is a way in the minds of people to achieve justice and freedom. Religion thus becomes a tool in the hands of the leaders of these groups to attract followers and the only hope in people’s minds to reach liberation and social justice. Ironically imperialism also uses religion for its own ends, not too differently than those groups. In fact, much of the Islamist movement that we see today in the world owes its existence to support, funding and training by the West to combat the secular left and world socialist movement. We all remember how the funding, arming and support given to the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan to fight against the Soviets ended up creating the Al Qaeda monster. More recently, the same thing was repeated with the ISIS terrorists who were getting support from the West and their Gulf allies to try and topple the Syrian government.

As brutal as these “terror groups” are, how different are leaders like Dick Cheney, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu and others, who also order to kill to advance the sphere of control and power of their ruling class? Even the brainwashing that’s exercised by the groups like ISIS isn’t all that different from the West. The difference is that the former is much more crude and primitive, while the latter is much more sophisticated and much more effective.

The point and the lesson to take away from all this is that both Western imperialism with their massive war machines, particularly the US military industrial complex that leads world imperialism and these terror groups, which as I mentioned earlier are to a large degree the creation of the former, want to rule the world, or in the case of the latter a region of the world for their own wealth and power.

The fact is that the current system of global capitalism and its outgrowth into world imperialism headed by the U.S. is incapable of rooting out and eliminating such terror groups since they are the consequence and result of the pillage and plunder that imperialism brings to impoverished people. World imperialism is incapable of rooting out “terrorism” because it itself resorts to terrorism and creates oppression, tyranny, poverty and hopelessness which make people look to anyone who will challenge the status quo, no matter how wrongheaded and criminal the challengers themselves might be. As brutal and inhuman these terror groups are, they’re always preferred by imperialism over those who educate the working class and the poor of the world to rise up and take the power from both parasitic and murderous hyper capitalists of the West and the parasitic and murderous leaders of the terror groups, both of whom are two sides of the same coin.

In fact, such terror groups aren’t really that dangerous to the rule of colonialists and imperialists because they provide them with the pretext for “endless wars” for their empire, as well as the excuse to curtail civil liberties of their peoples and silence the real challengers to their corporate rule. What the political establishment in the West is really worried about isn’t so much terror groups like ISIS, which they themselves helped arm and fund, but those who try to expose the true parasitic, exploitative and repressive nature of world capitalism. That’s who the vast and massive domestic espionage program is mainly meant to catch and stop, along also with terrorists. Dr. Martin Luther King was not known to be a terrorist or to have entertained any thought of terrorism; yet, he was diligently followed and spied on more than any terror suspect ever would because his teachings posed a serious danger to the rulers, because he put his finger on world imperialism and their pillage of the world using violence and repression, as “the biggest purveyor of violence in the world”.

The lesson for us should be clear: what we the people need to do is to educate as many people as possible on the true nature of world capitalism and imperialism and build a movement to rid the world of it and its barbaric byproducts like ISIS.


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